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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1- Family Friendly Review

Imagine the people of North Korea realizing that they outnumber their nation’s military in brute force and therefore they decide to overthrow the tyranny they’ve been under for all these decades. 558 more words


On profanity in literature.

<Student reading Mercurio’s part cusses, as scripted, in the middle of class.>
“Miss! You never let me cuss!”
“That was Shakespeare cussing, not her.”
“She didn’t even do it right. 14 more words

Stuff High Schoolers Say

Repossession: Reclaimed Slurs and Lexicography

[Ed. note: this post contains language that is considered extremely inflammatory. Caveat lector.]

People forward language articles to me all the time–usually the same article multiple times, until my inbox is nothing but language links and plaintive requests from Wine.com to buy more booze, please. 2,171 more words


Piece of Shit

maybe i need to stop seeing people as the pieces of shit they were 7 years ago

before thinking that they see me as the piece of shit i was 7 years ago

The Power of Profanity

The Power of Profanity

It diminishes the creative power of mind and tongue.

It substitutes brassy speech for genuine boldness.

It sacrifices character on the altar of acceptance of healthy interaction. 58 more words


So... Freedom of Speech trumps Profanity?

In Response to: http://www.allkpop.com/buzz/2014/11/korea-wants-to-deny-entry-to-pick-up-artist-julien-blanc-for-his-creepy-antics

I really don’t know what is happening to the morals of the world right now. 100 years ago, people can knock on a stranger’s door and allowed to sleep in their home for a night or two without questions.   391 more words