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Red beast

I lost the plot completely, unleashing a vituperative stream of incandescent profanity that took even me by surprise. I had been doing so well too. The metaphorical cat had only been kicked in silent solitude, but there are occasions when anger takes you unawares. 542 more words


A Problem with Profanity

So there’s another problem with the draft.

Maaaybe less of a problem and more of a quandary, if the difference is anything more than semantic. 561 more words


Aromatic Orange Couscous

Couscous is the New York of starchy meal bulkers: so good they named it twice. Before the British public became all up to date on their international foods, if you asked the man in the street he might have thought couscous was some horrendous tropical disease, up there with dengue, ebola or gonorrhoea contracted from a… 693 more words


Lamb Tagine

Eat tagine and you too could look like this.
Morocco Mole, popular sidekick of Secret Squirrel and also the first indication you’ve got malignant melanoma after spending too long in the sun in Marrakech… 818 more words


Shepherd's Pie with Rosemary and Garlic Mash Topping

To paraphrase erstwhile football hooligan and current market gardener-cum-podgy, cheekie-chappy-apples-and-fackin’-pears Masterchef judge, Greg Wallace, “food don’t come any more rustic than this!”. I mean, how could it? 757 more words


Courgettes in tomato

What can you say about courgettes? They’re green and phallic, like a verdant winky, disembodied from its Martian owner in some horrendous intergalactic Bobbit incident. They’re small marrows with a French name, except in the USA and Italy where they call them zucchinis. 386 more words