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Look, Mommy! I Can Be an Asshole All By Myself!

I’m a member of another site. I won’t give the name because I don’t believe in advertising, but one topic in the forums caught my eye. 606 more words

My Body=My Rules

Being a larger girl I happen to have larger breasts (shouldn’t be too shocking). But what a lot of people here in the city don’t seem to understand is, my breasts are not here for your pleasure, they are not here to ‘put on a show’ and they are certainly not here to be someones sex object. 159 more words


Is that the best you can do? How insulting.

What’s the worst English language word you can think of? That word that you only pull out to express your displeasure at the very worst of traffic jams or to describe some self-important waste of skin trying to cut the queue at the bank. 1,240 more words

Longer Rants

The King of Curses

(WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT) Rights to the picture belong to Warner Bros.

I remember the very first time I encountered the word “fuck.”

I was on the playground of Mountain View Elementary during a late morning of the After School Club’s summer camp — somewhere between the boy’s bathroom and the tetherball courts, specifically. 3,000 more words


Ask My Opinion On Profanity And That's What You'll Get

I was recently asked about my experience with profanity at work.  I thought it was a fun Q & A and decided to share my thoughts here.  1,260 more words

Unseen Ramblings

Sports Fans Who Swear The Most

Are these the 20 most PROFANE fanbases in sports?

Someone analyzed 216 specific sports team threads on the website Reddit, to figure out how frequently the fans of each team use PROFANITY. 140 more words


Christians Should Give a Shit

The topic at hand is something that has been rolling around in my head for some time. With recent events, however, I have decided that now is the appropriate time to speak my mind. 1,097 more words