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My house has a shank list...

And I’m apparently on it.

I have an outdoor staircase that it attempting to murder not only myself, but two other people. So far. I have a gutter at the bottom of said stairwell that decided to add a little more pizazz to the falls and pour water in a huge geyser at the bottom of the stairs. 281 more words

Are You Shanking Me?!?!

Karson & Kennedy Discuss F-Bombs For Feminism

A video made to bring attention to the equal pay issue used 8 year old girls dressed as princesses to help them get their message out. 95 more words


Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up

This bitch. For serious.

I wish someone would retake this photo with the dancer flipping the bird.

(Ballet Zaida is the classy website where pretty pics like this come from.)


Recipies for Lazy Vegans Part One: Granola In a Bowl-a

WARNING: This post contains no facts or news about Ebola.

More dilly dallying…

Side note:

I have been vegan for about three months. When I first started out I had a slight problem: What do I eat… 373 more words


Thug Kitchen Cookbook Thumbs Down!

Thugs Gotta Eat, But This Is Ridiculous

Image source: theplanetdaniel

The recipes are mundane, but the white authors’ racist stereotypes and insults are hair-raising. Think about it for a moment: How is this funny or a good idea? 103 more words

African American Artist

Video of ‘potty-mouthed princesses’ dropping F-bombs causes stir

Advisory: This video contains profanity. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A group of “potty-mouthed princesses” are hoping to get their message out. And they are using vulgar language to make their point. 140 more words


These are the most adorable little F-bomb droppers you will ever see

One of the main problems I have with feminism is that it exploits the legitimate claims of equal rights as a cloak to usher in its divisive, self-serving, hateful, neurotic, and anti-male interests. 644 more words