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Six questions you should ask yourself before becoming an artist

Being an artist is a great career to have. You get to be creative, work to your own schedule and, hopefully, earn yourself a very good living. 800 more words

Geek Ink Thinks: Every story has a beginning...

I originally started this as an introduction for my Patreon page, but it soon grew into the monstrosity that it is now. This is a record of the ups and downs of my career. 1,107 more words


Why I'm still shooting film (along side my digital kit)

So 3 months ago I moved to London with the intention of following my dreams to be come the next big fashion and portrait photographer. 624 more words


Another Day, Another Dollar

“A job is death without the dignity”

Brendan Behan

This pretty much sums up my day.  One really can’t adequately express enough disdain for the general public until you’ve worked in retail.

Caution: Vegetables

Today I managed to poleaxe myself just clocking out for my lunch break, thanks to the utter disregard for health and safety (and my own personal propensity for clumsiness), as I tripped on a stack of bread crates and landed headfirst in the potato sacks. 202 more words

I am grateful to my teachers!

Dear Friend,

Apart from many myths you have, one of those that really bothers me is, when you say “People who couldn’t become/do anything else, become teachers”. 673 more words


We are the keepers

After joining in a discussion thread about feeling misunderstood by classroom teachers and other staff, some of whom can be quite unsupportive and downright rude, I became inspired to write about it. 915 more words

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