The First Ever SoftChalk User Conference

Hello from Baltimore. I managed to convince both my dean and my distance ed director to stake my trip to the SoftChalk User Conference. So far, I’ve managed to learn a few useful items, had some nice beer, and scored a free dinner, a coffee mug, and a T-shirt. 354 more words

Professional Development

The Problem With Rubrics

Recently I’ve been asked to rate myself as an educator.  My rating scale is limited to a performance rubric as outlined by Charlotte Danielson, and is actually a pretty good rubric as far as being descriptive and easy to read.   603 more words


Maine DOE announces principals as instructional leaders workshops

As part of the Maine DOE’s ongoing efforts to develop and support school leaders, the Department is hosting a second series of workshops to support principals as instructional leaders. 279 more words


How to Increase Fulfillment From Your Job

If you are an experienced professional and have been in your current position for a while, you may feel like you should change.  You may feel like that’s what everyone is doing (thanks to LinkedIn updates), or you feel like you know everything in your job and you need a change, or you may feel  like your job is not fulfilling enough.   614 more words


Maine DOE offers bomb threat report training for superintendents

The Department is encouraging all superintendents to attend NEO bomb threat report training to learn how to enter data, submit a report and track district submittals in the new NEO data management system. 114 more words


Calling all Terrace and area writers!

I’m beyond excited to announce the birth of a new writing group, organized by the Terrace Public Library. It’s open to writers of every genre, form, and level of experience–from aspiring newbie to pro. 19 more words

Professional Development