Mission Possible. The Ultimate 12 Week RE Sales Contest. Task 6 is All About Personal Developement

We are in the home stretch. This is task six of the ultimate sales contest and this is the first task that asks you to do one thing BUT gives you six weeks to get it done. 292 more words

Real Estate

Accountable Talk

During a recent professional development training, my local AEA representative provided my peers and me information about accountable talk (method for encouraging students to stay on task during discussion or collaborative work). 159 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing


I had a unique opportunity to fail this week. :-). 531 more words

#PhysEdSummit Keynote - You Are the Difference Maker, Andy Vasily

One of the first things the #PhysEdSummit team discussed when we initially began planning for tomorrow’s event was that we wanted a digital keynote address that could be shared with the entire #PhysEd community.   42 more words

Professional Development

Self Care

When I was working at Harlem Hospital, the concept of “self care” was a somewhat distant, theoretical one.  I had a Greek chorus of friends, family, and colleagues who all pushed me to make more time for rejuvenating activities and to leave the hospital on time.  314 more words