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New Year - New Opportunites

Dear Friends, Collaborators, and Participants –

The New Year is a time for reflection and planning, and an opportunity to personally thank each of you who honor us with your ongoing active partnership and support. 419 more words

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Is There a Strategist in the House?

One of the reasons why the German offensive into Russia in 1941, Operation Barbarossa, failed, may have been the cultural inability of the German high command to think in terms of, and visualize strategic warfare on a global scale.  94 more words

Leavenworth Way Of War

Semper Fi!

The transformation model proposed by miltiary historians Allan Millet and Williamson Murray proposes a number of different factors that can influence an organization’s ability to be innovative and transform itself.  130 more words

Leavenworth Way Of War

The Naval Air Force?

During the years 1919 to 1941 Naval Aviation carved out a place for itself in the Navy by being a member of the battleship team.  Naval aviation supported the battleship-centric fleet by finding the enemy fleet, fixing and harassing the enemy fleet through air attack, and defending the fleet from enemy air.  211 more words

Leavenworth Way Of War

And we are greeted by another new year

This year has been fantastic and exciting, as with every other year since I started working. I’ve discovered that there are so many adventures I want to go on and there are so many things I want to do ever since I discovered there are so many things to do. 601 more words

Sparkling New

The Chopras Institute of Professional Education (TCIPE)

The Chopras Institute of Professional Education (TCIPE) is an initiative by the Chopras Global Education Consultancy Company, especially to bring idea of global education closer to the students. 461 more words

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Tibco Active Spaces online training - Call us +919000444287

Tibco Active Spaces is an Data Storage Technology system for operational records
it runs a map reduce style processing along with support in call back notifications using hashing algorithm to enable fetch data… 235 more words

Tibco Active Spaces Online Training