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Learning theories and frameworks

Throughout the learning journey of EDC3100, we have been introduced to so many acronyms, its been difficult to remember them all….TPACK, TIP, CLEM, SAMR, WALT, WILF, PKM, its endless!! 100 more words

My Learning Edc3100

Week 10 Update

Well, its week 10 in the semester and thank goodness its the mid-semester break!!

I was relieved to read Melissa’s blog and see that I’m not the only one who is feeling overwhelmed, stressed and trying to catch up. 302 more words

My Learning Edc3100

Managing the classroom

With prac not far away, I was interested to read this blog post about how to avoid Out of control classrooms. I don’t know about my peers, but I’m starting to think, how is it possible????…….. 76 more words

Teacher Resource

Synchronized vs. Unsynchronized

Feeling so good that I just fixed a bug in my iOS app. Two days since I found it. I almost gave up and thought it was some problems with the cloud database I am using. 191 more words

Professional Experience

Starting prac...

So, this is my first professional experience in a school. I am going to a Prep class, feeling excited and nervous! Looking forward to learning all I can about planning & teaching in a school context. 111 more words

My Learning Edc3100

Wellness Survey App to some random thoughts

I know the name sounds cliche, but anyways, for me it is a lot of fun even at the start.

So I am developing an ios app that pops up wellness surveys to users and send the data back to Parse. 103 more words

Professional Experience

Planning for Prac

Well, part of this course EDC3100 involves 3 weeks of professional experience in a Prep-Year 3 classroom. Coming from an early childhood background and working with children only up to kindergarten, I am feeling very nervous about my abilities in a school classroom. 158 more words