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Professional GROWTH: a wee story & art

I’m feeling better each day, y’all. I’m volunteering weekly at a local elementary school, I’m working a part-time job;  I’m exercising and reconnecting with friends and family members, and I’m feeling confident as a mom again. 624 more words


How to be Disagreed With as the Boss

You’re the boss. You have the title. You have the pay. You have the office. You have the staff. You have the responsibility of taking your team in the right direction in the best interest of the company. 745 more words


Experience is a Great Teacher

As a school principal for many years I have learnt that experience might not always be the “best” teacher, but it almost always results in the most enduring lessons. 261 more words


Get your Professional and Personal MOJO

Get your Professional and Personal MOJO

If you want to learn how to fish, watch and learn form a great fisherman. If you want to get better in a sport, you learn and practice under a good coach. 551 more words
College Prep

Connection Keeps Me Learning - NAAE CoP

Nov 16 What is the most powerful aspect of being a connected educator? What are you grateful for?

Back before Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the other tools I began using to connect, there was the… 158 more words

Agricultural Education

Internship Entry: E2

E2- Exemplify collaboration within school. Collaborating with other teachers and faculty will be critical for my professional development as an educator. As a student intern, the benefits of working with other teachers are pretty obvious. 290 more words


Out of The Pain Comes Growth!

I don’t know about you but this describes my summer! And a few other times in my life. And so, have I grown? Have a I changed? 682 more words