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New Year’s Resolution: Out of the Weeds

I’ve always loved the New Year. The anticipation of things to come, new goals and aspirations, and the promise of growth and fulfillment- I get giddy just thinking about the possibilities. 566 more words

Personal Growth

Reflection on Achievements as an Educator: Year 2

Admist the trials and tribulations of assignments and exams, my second year at McGill provided me with the first opportunity for me to really gain a sense of what it meant to be a teacher. 764 more words


Career Change: Is Now the Time?

Recently I published a post about midlife (or other) career change. Related to that is the situation that too many people face–being in a lousy (read: toxic) work situation that clearly isn’t going to get substantially better soon, if ever. 575 more words

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The best teachers are lifelong learners

For educational leaders and teachers, being a lifelong learner is not an option. For education to progress and improve, we are all challenged with learning new skills, applying new theory and creating new learning engagements for our students. 175 more words

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E3 - From "Teacher Lady" to Teacher

E3 – Exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies. To me, E3 means that I have the exact same responsibilities as a “real” teacher, and I follow the exact same policies. 1,346 more words

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Making the most of collaborative time in schools - Part 1

Teachers being given time to collaborate on matters pertaining to student learning is crucial to improving schools. While elementary / primary schools may often find it easier to schedule collaborative time, in comparison to secondary divisions, owing to the horizontal organisation of teaching teams, teachers still raise not having enough time to collaborate as one of the factors holding them back from being able to improve student learning outcomes. 510 more words

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