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The Monday Morning Blues (MMBs)

Let’s face it after a fabulous weekend spent by the beach, by the lake or in our own back garden, a funny feeling comes over us at about 8pm on a Sunday evening. 86 more words


Career Conscious

As an ambitious and confident new graduate we are keen to create the best possible first impression. We have crafted the perfect CV, been coached on everything from psychometric tests to effective presentation skills. 78 more words



I don’t know about you, but public transport is a big part of my commuter life. It gets me to work in the morning, and usually on time with only ever a minor hiccup… I am lucky in that I actually get a seat on most mornings, and come rain, snow, or shine my local tram will be operating. 89 more words


“Personal Branding via Social Media: Increasing SIOP Visibility One Member at at Time” Response

While this article discussed how I-O psychologists can develop their online brand, the tips and advice offered apply to all fields and can be useful to up-and-coming professionals as well as individuals who are veterans in their lines of work. 734 more words

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5 Ways to Build Your Brand (Without Changing Your Clothes)

Our Personal Image, or Personal Brand, is so much more than how we dress. Our brand includes how we speak, stand, and interact with peers and colleagues.   524 more words

Corporate Image

Corporate, Creative or Casual Smart?

Workwear is changing, it is chic, dynamic and style conscious. In an age where personal brand and professional image are familiar buzz words what you wear to work is becoming more important. 188 more words


The Suit: Persona Embodied

In checking out Andrew Sullivan’s blog this morning, my attention was drawn to a great article by A.A. Gill about the venerable and enduring Suit. Gill captures the story of the suit: 167 more words