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Make a Big Impact with a Thank you Note

Probably the best tip my father ever gave me was to write thank you notes.  I may have grumbled at first but since it has proven to be a great business tool.  278 more words

Catch All

What does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you?

It’s been said for years that people do business with people they like. They can’t like you if they can’t get to know you, so let’s increase your odds of making a positive first impression. 274 more words

Strategy & Planning

The Value of Business Cards

Your business card is one of the elements of your professional identity and personal brand. In essence, it is how you identify yourself as a genuine representative of your employer or the authentic creator of your work product. 153 more words

Selling Yourself

How much do we judge a book by it's cover?

Come on, admit it, we all do it to some degree.  As much as we would all like to believe ourselves to be well informed, open-minded and non-judgemental, sometimes we can’t help but judge a book by it’s cover.   1,009 more words

A Serious Matter: Workplace Edition

I’m sensitive to respectability politics and the policing of women, but I also realize that there are some harsh realities that I’m subject to. Thanks to a good gene combination, I look younger than I actually am and unfortunately, our society tends to equate age with success & respect. 739 more words

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