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Bored Of Directors?

Bored Of Your Board Photos?

On preparing this post, I visited the websites of 20 professional associations that cover a wide range of industries. Most have an ‘About’ page of some sort, where visitors can view the portraits (supposedly done professionally) of esteemed directors and executives. 152 more words

You're Not Too Good For Roast Beef

Years ago, before I started my company, I stood in the office of my boss. Amy was smart, polished and tracked for big things. She also had a way of thinking she was vastly superior to others. 762 more words

Personal Brand

Goals for Professional Growth & Development

As my progression as an educator remains in its early steps, the goals set are far from specific and precise. Rather, the following goals all reflect general domains in which I would like to develop professionally. 525 more words


Your Photos On Social Media

This is directed at the ladies in the industry that blur their face for safety or personal reasons.

There are some who have beautiful photos and then blur there face. 183 more words


The Monday Morning Blues (MMBs)

Let’s face it after a fabulous weekend spent by the beach, by the lake or in our own back garden, a funny feeling comes over us at about 8pm on a Sunday evening. 86 more words


How Do You Enter the Room?

Distracted, awkward and frazzled?


Confident, present, and engaged?

Knowing how to enter a room is a game changer. Done the right way, it positions you as a leader, expert, and key player. 823 more words

Personal Brand

Career Conscious

As an ambitious and confident new graduate we are keen to create the best possible first impression. We have crafted the perfect CV, been coached on everything from psychometric tests to effective presentation skills. 78 more words