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Corporate, Creative or Casual Smart?

Workwear is changing, it is chic, dynamic and style conscious. In an age where personal brand and professional image are familiar buzz words what you wear to work is becoming more important. 188 more words


The Suit: Persona Embodied

In checking out Andrew Sullivan’s blog this morning, my attention was drawn to a great article by A.A. Gill about the venerable and enduring Suit. Gill captures the story of the suit: 167 more words


We are Awash in Persona, Drowning Perhaps

The professional persona, the complex web of how we present ourselves and our expected knowledge, skills, and abilities, is a high-level example of persona-shaping. Persona is what we want other people to experience and perhaps rely on when they observe and interact with us. 552 more words


The Origins of "HoneyyMia"

It all started back in 2009. The grass was slightly greener because California was not in a drought, the economy was suffering, and Michelle Obama’s toned arms were envied by many women (and some men). 431 more words

Power Dressing

To most office workers, power dressing means a formal suit. This may not always be the case, especially in tropic climates where it’s just too hot and uncomfortable. 210 more words

Visual Impact

It's All About the Bling (Even in Business)

It really is all about the bling, even in business. Presentation, image, packaging… call it what you want. Time and time again, I’m reminded of this fact. 219 more words