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A look at the people management skills

Be it any job or any organisation, the people management skills do play an important role in the providing success to the technical skills used in the job. 306 more words


5 Essential traits of an entrepreneurial leader

There is no dearth of texts that speaks about the traits of an entrepreneurial leader, but still more seems less, when the concept of leadership is concerned. 294 more words


Self-Promotion as a Female Scientist

Over at the Dynamic Ecology blog there’s an interesting poll and commentary on the topic of self-promotion in science. Many of us in science are introverts. 528 more words

Is an Arts-Based PhD a Professional Qualification?

Kieran Fenby-Hulse is a Researcher Development Officer at Bath Spa University. He is interested in Music, Narrative, Technology, and appraoches to Creative Practice Research. He regularly writes on his own… 3,593 more words

Creative Practice

What Does Google Know About Great Managers?

There is a fascinating bio on Larry Page, the co-founder and CEO of Google.

The word is that for many years he was “anti-management”. The reason was that Google hired the most talented software engineers, and having a layer of supervisors to manage them and prioritize their work was an unnecessary cost and impediment to getting work done. 202 more words


4 Reasons Your Deal Stalled

My colleague Anthony Iannarino wrote this in his blog and if you have been in any business or professional position for more than five minutes, you will benefit from every word. 376 more words

Selling Skills

Why You're Not Getting Job Interviews: Lesson Two

Your resume is airtight. Your cover letter is focused on the position which you’re applying for. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you’ve… 239 more words