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Everyone wants to win! Whether it is in the career, personal life or in something as simple as a game. By winning we mean achieving success. 282 more words


The Hidden Curriculum: Sexist Shirts have no place in Science (or anywhere else for that matter)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the hidden curriculum in university science departments. This is the idea that what and how we teach our students imparts information in addition to the content that we are delivering. 467 more words


Push(y) Real Good

I’ve been a passive person most of my life. It wasn’t till recently when I turned 30 that I realized that I needed to become more assertive and direct with my thoughts and feelings, especially if I want to be a successful professional. 381 more words


Want to become a Leader? – Sign up for online entrepreneurial leadership courses..

It is said that, every business idea comes from a need. An entrepreneurial idea brings out a lot of facets in the founder. An idea which roots in an individual’s mind – shapes into a plan, and then implemented in reality and to achieve the set goals-  involves a lot of hard work, analytical, financial and creative attributes. 248 more words