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Social media has been ablaze all last night and all day today with hatred for a match result….as is tradition. Let’s wade on in and see what’s happening. 458 more words

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yWs 1/26

We’ve gotta talk about the Royal Rumble. It was a thing. It gets I dunno…violent? Then sad. Mmmm cake. Dump tweets to the rescue.

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yWs 1/19

What’s up with the Royal Rumble? How much do we want Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar? Bro, we are waaaaaay inside.

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Royal Rumble

Tomorrows episode will include more talk of the Royal Rumble, thoughts and predictions, and whatnot. I thought that MAYBE we should take a look at some hopefully less dumpy things the internet is saying. 509 more words

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yWs 1/12

We got it all lined up. We’re gonna talk about Wrestle Kingdom 9. Did TNA reset or nah? A whole lotta love for Shinsuke Nakamura. Dig the show? 36 more words

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