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Say Thank You This Secretaries Day

The sometimes forgotten holiday, Secretaries Day, is nestled right in-between Easter and Mother’s Day.  Don’t let the person who makes your day exponentially easier be overlooked.   227 more words


"Glimmer of Hope"

(Georgetown, Texas)
While trying to fulfill one of my photo assignments, I stumbled upon an abandoned train lot. My inner rebellion was ecstatic to hop the fence and tip toe my way around taking various pictures of old, deteriorated train carts and sad buildings; until I looked behind all the lonely rustic junk and saw this image. 15 more words


"River Bonding"

As little beings entering into this world, we are always in search of a father figure. Someone to guide us, love us unconditionally and protect us from the harsh reality. 11 more words


"Free to Play" Review, Roundtable, and More

I have reported on Valve’s recently released documentary “Free to Play” a few times in the past week and now I’d like to take the time to write at length about my personal reaction to the film. 946 more words


Professional Car Repair in DC Keeps Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

“Factory defects notwithstanding, there are a myriad of reasons why a car may emit strange noises, ranging from an overheating engine to worn-out steering system compartments. 113 more words