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7 Steps Towards Commanding the Room

You're smart, experienced, and have brilliant ideas; so why is no one listening to what you have to say? Here are some practical tips and tricks proven to make people take you and your opinions seriously. 731 more words

That One Blog for Jesus-loving 20-somethings

I’ve found numerous blogs about Biblical homemaking, godly relationships or faithful raising of children– all awesome and beautiful topics. Unfortunately, most blogs don’t relate to me or to my stage of life as a 20-something-year-old Jesus follower with the desire to embrace the life I have. 740 more words


Servitude & Platitudes

“Jane Smith, humblest person extraordinaire…at your service.”

It’s a nice notion, isn’t it– to live in the service of others? To live a life professionally (and even personally) by giving your time, efforts and luxuries to all in need with little in return. 753 more words


Professional Translation Services English Russian Convenient

We are facing a lot of russian speakers, who rassmotr’ét That only speak a foreign language, it is Sufficient expertise translated into Russian. In contrast, our team of Russian translators consists of native speakers or Those who have some Russian language and literature is familiar with Russian culture and in a… 312 more words


Good Photography Is My Agenda

Many photographers have big egos and readily share opinions. Some say to avoid looking at the work of other photographers, but some advise a shooter to visit and learn from another photographer’s website.  352 more words

Email: Altonst@gmail.com

Keeping the elevators running

With Farmington CT-based elevator pioneer Otis, I was part of a team that conducted a series of strategy workshops with the senior executive team.  We visualized a micro-computer & mobile phone in every elevator that would perform preventative maintenance diagnostics and relay the results to field maintenance staff.   91 more words