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All Things Exercising!

Is it odd that this is my blog for my voice over company and I write about exercise? I don’t think it is. I think it adds a personal touch to who is behind this microphone. 137 more words


PR 101: Understanding the Rhetorical Context of a Situation

One thing I’ve noticed is that few public relations professionals are skilled at capturing the context of a given situation. In PR, understanding your audience, your purpose and your strategy make the difference between success and failure. 474 more words


The business of receiving compliment

|*Etiquette Snippet™ with Francis Anyaegbu*| Week 47

You walk into a room and a collaegue approaches you and says, “Wow, you look fantastic! Love that color on you!” or after a very brilliant presentation a superior says “Great job on the presentation. 415 more words

What I Loved in Blogs This Week

I want to write about things I love in my everyday life. But I want to read about them, too, and connect with other bloggers who are writing about the same topics. 183 more words


"Setting up a media production company" with Simon Horniblow

My final talk was on Friday 21st with Simon Horniblow, who graduated from the University of York 10 years ago with a degree in Film and TV Production. 234 more words

Email BTR to Les Rowland

I’m no fan of on-line teaching but I do think that alternative delivery systems to the 3 credit hour full Fall or Spring 14 week semester really needs revisiting.   460 more words