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The Millennial's Guide To Social Media: How Many Cat Pics Are Too Many?

I’ve been sitting here for roughly 5 minutes wondering how narcissistic I seem with a giant photo of my face on the landing page of my blog. 902 more words


Professionalism: Assertive vs. Aggressive

Recently I’ve read some stories of well-meaning artists and authors who have in a struggle to show courage and approach editors and art directors with confidence, miss the mark and be completely frightening.   441 more words

Let me put it simply

You know, I was really faced with a challenge here. Trying to think of something to talk about, I came across the dilemma of trying to find a way to connect journalism, social media, and design in a relevant yet super simple way. 319 more words

Consulting ethos: Did you have a $10,000 day?

Consultants, lawyers, accountants bill for time.   For good or bad, the traditional time and expense way of billing still prevails.  This means that your time is valuable to you (as a professional) and to the client (as an expense).   215 more words


Achieving a Broadened View of Professionalism

By: Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Board of Medical Specialties

As members of the medical profession, physicians are called upon to use our special knowledge and skills for the good of others. 364 more words

Guest Perspective

The Tao of Dick

I’m having lunch with a former co-worker. It’s been years since we last worked together and he’s been “retired” since. I think his current job is maintaining the friendships that he developed throughout his professional career. 388 more words

Common Sense

Quote of the Week

 Paul Young, author of “Principal Matters” and “Lead the Way,” lists the qualities leaders should possess, whether in the after school field or in education in general. 17 more words