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A good teacher is a professional. Each profession has its own definition, or at least a widely accepted understanding, of what professionalism means. It often entails entrance testing (bar exam), licensing standards (required education credentials/course work/student teaching), and continuing education/professional development, which put a floor or minimum standard for initial credentialing and continuance of licensing. 547 more words


Politicians Should Act Professional In Public

It seems some politicians don’t know how they should behave or speak in public anymore. It’s like they don’t understand the concept of on the job professionalism. 342 more words


the circus--the clowns

Regardless of the love affair had by the liberal media with your president, and their avoidance of placing blame where it ought to lay, is typical of the ever-present evil (what gall from the dismissed) alive and well, and flourishing, in Washington (and elsewhere). 164 more words

Breaking up is hard to do! I…….Quit!

Okay, Okay, so you don’t like the job anymore, it’s not what you expected, you are stressed out, you and the manager or supervising physician’s work ethic is not aligned, you want to try a different specialty, your spouse landed an awesome job out-of-state and the list goes on. 670 more words

Physician Assistant

"What Makes You Think It Works?"

I spent yesterday at a hotel in Independence learning about Trigger Point Therapy for continuing education.

It was hosted by my employer and most of the people in attendance were massage therapists from the company. 385 more words


The Morning (or Afternoon) Struggle

I have always been a morning person, which I think for 20-somethings is more rare than common. I like being up early and starting my day, being productive as soon as possible. 1,053 more words


Why you need an independent estate agent to sell your home.

It’s all about going the extra mile!

At Chilterns, we pride ourselves on the flexibility that our independent status allows us. In fact at the  463 more words

Estate Agency