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How Professionalism is the New Chivalry and Now it's Dead Too

If chivalry is an act then professionalism is a play.
If your workplace is anything like mine you understand that sometimes behind the scenes things aren’t running as smoothly as they appear. 382 more words


I am here to make you successful

This is what consultants should be thinking.  This is what consultants should be demonstrating through their work.  When you have earned the right, say these words: 295 more words


How to Tell if You're Professionally Cool

It’s hard sometimes to keep track of how awesome you’re being when you’re behind a desk looking at a digital screen for some eight or ten hours of the day wondering when the blissful tranquility of death is going to set in. 500 more words


Feminism vs Professionalism in School.

Something had been brought up to me today that I haven’t heard of in a while. Before I get into it however let’s take a look back a couple of months ago on Facebook, there was a post, posted by a young high-school student showing that (she or a third party) had taped up a paper throughout the school talking about how it was “hot” and the school had no right to tell them what they could wear out of fear of being “sexualized” now of course I haven’t seen this post in quite sometime but the general point is the same, schools saying certain cloths are not allowed is unfair and bias. 486 more words


My Unfortunate Handle on Pens

You know that moment when you’re trying to be a real, functioning adult, and then the end of the pen shoots off, making doing real work seemingly impossible? 239 more words

Tweets And Mascara

Librarians as delegates

A few posts back I mentioned Patrick Wilson’s 1983 book Second-Hand Knowledge [link], in which he argues that librarians ought to pay more attention to cognitive authority. 1,458 more words


Avoid sounding too excited

Don’t allow your enthusiasm for a subject to undermine your authority when you speak about it. You will be more persuasive when you avoid these faults: 110 more words