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Hudson Weight Loss Professionals on How to Achieve a Bikini-Ready Body

“When you get home, do some house chores as well. Not only will your house be spotless, you’ll burn extra calories in the process, too. 78 more words

Accounting Society Business Networking Luncheon

     Do you want to build your networking skills? How about building your personal network and developing contacts that may take you far into your professional career? 66 more words

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning featured in the Hutt News today

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning is featured in the Hutt News local Lower Hutt newspaper today. It looks like this will be a fortnightly feature offering you hints, tips and advice on all things Real Estate.

Lower Hutt

“Well done is better than well said.”
Benjamin Franklin

Many businesses can tell you what needs to be done. Many businesses have the technical knowledge, but lack the skill to execute the needed steps to make the job happen in a timely, efficient, and quality manner.

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“I used to think people were looking at me when I walked into a room,” my son David said during his visit this past weekend. “But people weren’t really paying attention to me; they were thinking about themselves like I was. 297 more words


BCU Conference Event

On Friday 9th May 2014, there will be a conference held at the Parkside/Millennium Point campus by Birmingham City University students. This event is being put on as part of our… 47 more words


The "I wasn't able" Syndrome

Have you ever came across the situation where a kid is being told of what she may become when she grow up? Where really adults almost bet about it, and suggesting different professions they believe you can make money? 177 more words

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