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Trait Disappointment: A Followup

As I wrote about yesterday, I am pretty unhappy with how the new trait unlock system works. One thing I noticed from comments I’ve received on twitter and the like, is that a lot of people, having had characters already made and leveled before this change was made, were unaware of how bad some of the required unlocks are. 1,466 more words

Guild Wars 2

Trait Disappointment

So the feature patch for Guild Wars 2 has been out for a few days now. It’s not 100% perfect – there are some bugs, such as dailies not resetting properly for some (a problem I had happen), chat breaking on Tuesday, and some things not unlocking properly, but largely it’s been a smooth roll-out. 1,140 more words

Guild Wars 2

A Ghost Orders a Hat: 1900

Since we are devoting this week to the subject of hats, Mrs Daffodil thought her readers might enjoy an encore posting of this millinery ghost story. 931 more words

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Dying...to make a difference

Such a timely quote posted from a friend that was delivered by the Dalai Lama serves to frame a greater discussion that was had over sushi with a girlfriend tonight.   995 more words



I had this profession many moons ago on my hunter but when trundling around Westfall, skinning for light leather I just though ‘why am I doing this?’ went back to Stormwind and then took up Inscription and Herbalism. 1,206 more words


"An Inspiration to Watch You Try on a Gown:" Clever Modistes: 1893

A visit to the imposing mansion occupied by two clever modistes is thus described in the New York Sun:

“When a customer drives up to the stately entrance, a liveried footman assists her to alight, and then holds open the heavy plate -glass vestibule doors. 936 more words


Yes, She's a Lawyer

             I’ve been thinking a lot about lawyers lately – not because I’ve gotten into any legal trouble, luckily enough, but because I plan on attending law school next year, and have been trying to decide which school to attend. 481 more words