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Talking about Jobs, Professions and Careers - Phrase Bank

Helpful phrases to talk about your job, profession and career. Also useful when writing a job profile.


is org theory out of touch with sociology?

Recently I was talking to a statistician in a business school and he mentioned that he’d seen my paper about the Matthew effect and status bias in baseball. 673 more words


We really are cool!

Where can you find a profession that has consistently ranked as one of the top five professions over the past almost 10 years?  Where can you find a profession that is rewarding and truly helps people on a daily basis?   495 more words


The origin of…Fireman

“The funny thing about firemen is, night and day, they are always firemen. “ Gregory Widen, Backdraft

There is evidence that already in Ancient Egypt fire-fighting machinery was used, but organized firefighting started in Ancient Rome under the rule of Augustus. 706 more words


most academic papers are not cited and that's ok

A classic result in the social analysis of science is that most papers are poorly cited. For example, the classic deSolla Price paper in Science… 245 more words


Welcome to Women in Global Health

Welcome to a new blog, the mission of which is to provide a voice, support and networking for women who work in the global health,development, or policy fields in public-private partnerships, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and/or academic institutions.   295 more words

Trait Disappointment: A Followup

As I wrote about yesterday, I am pretty unhappy with how the new trait unlock system works. One thing I noticed from comments I’ve received on twitter and the like, is that a lot of people, having had characters already made and leveled before this change was made, were unaware of how bad some of the required unlocks are. 1,466 more words

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