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Sci-Fi Weekender 5...

Last post March 23rd! Wow, I am so behind! Sorry guys, better get on with catching you all up on everything! Last weekend I was in Oslo visiting friends, the weekend before that I was in Chesterfield also visiting friends but before all of that I was making new friends at the Sci-Fi weekender! 390 more words


Some writing music: Part 9

Hello there inmates!

Hope you’re all having a truly crazy day! I’m getting back into the swing of blogging it seems. I got more posted since i got back then i expected to, to be honest. 225 more words


Because of Reasons

Well, let’s just start this post off right shall we? Here’s some Professor Elemental for your viewing and listening pleasure while I go and fetch my own cup of brown joy (TEA! 322 more words




The sort-of-official month of writing stuff.

I’m not one for biting off what I can actually chew let alone fit in my mouth… 134 more words


The Chronicles Of Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental and … a girl… seek a resurrection device stolen from the museum.


The Queen's English?

Ever wondered about the differences between the ‘Queen’s English’ spoken in the United Kingdom, and the English spoken in North America? This great video sets them to music, courtesy of legendary English ‘chap-hop’ purveyor… 20 more words


The Small But Dandy World Of Chap Hop

If the splendidly charming Chap Hop genre has eluded you these past few years then fear not, dear reader, you’ve taken the first step towards becoming a beloved and honourable chumrade. 672 more words