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Island Telemetrics: real-time remote environmental monitoring

Who is Steve Morgan and What is Island Telemetrics?

Island Telemetrics is a new technology company based on Vancouver Island. With the help of North Island College… 1,033 more words

Comox Valley

Mastermynde: Marketing, Design, Ecommerce

What is Mastermynde?

Mastermynde (founded in 2002, incorporated in 2013) is an online marketing firm based in the Comox Valley, with employees in Montreal and Vancouver. 790 more words

Comox Valley

Ian Adams: Design and Illustration

Who is Ian Adams?

Ian Adams is a designer and illustrator living and working in the Comox Valley. He’s part of a wave of talented young entrepreneurs who’ve grown up on Vancouver Island, left to go to school, established careers in a major city, and are now returning to small town life. 1,007 more words

Comox Valley

Teamwork the Key for Whitley and Graham

Teamwork the Key for Whitley and Graham

Exclusive interview with Canadian ice dancers Hannah Whitley and Elliott Graham for Ice-Dance.com.


Becoming Betsy

I’m sitting in Betsy Pratt’s office-turned-living room, surrounded by papers and old photographs, reading a book about cancer cells. I’m not entirely sure why, I should have been out skiing, but Mad River Glen was closed yet again that Saturday. 2,319 more words


"I Had to See That I Didn't Come From a Black Hole"

 “I Had to See That I Didn’t Come From a Black Hole”

Esther Starobin sits in her open dining room and smiles. She has short, gray hair and brown eyes and wears only a hint of makeup. 144 more words


Unconventional wisdom

photo by Dana Johnson/VUMC

by Wayne Wood

There is a point in some lives where a wonderful intersection of talent, interest and opportunity occurs; a moment in time when it becomes clear what the past has been leading to and a glimpse of where the future might lead. 3,536 more words