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Brandi Fletcher blends pompoms and firearms

By: Hannah Hart

If senior Brandi Fletcher could be described in one word junior Marissa Moore says it would be “amazing.” On a Friday night Fletcher is under the stadium lights cheering on the football team. 683 more words


Hannah Tumlinson is an unknown artist

By Sierra Martin, Talon Staff Reporter

Junior Hannah Tumlinson is a third year art student at HRVHS. Tumlinson has been doing art for as long as she can remember. 137 more words


Julia Skwarczynski: taking on the world one language at a time

By Ami Santillan, Talon Staff Reporter

Every high school student has a talent, something interesting about them, or perhaps a little quirk to them. Some students are talented in math, some in science, but there are very few students who know and are learning more than four different languages. 336 more words


Gio Magaña Strives For Greatness


Jose Marquez

Talon Staff Reporter

“I keep dreaming to become a professional soccer player one day,” Giovanni Magaña replied after being asked what kept him moving forward with his soccer career. 274 more words


Blackman's Mind Is Full of Wonders

By Maria Chavarria, Talon Staff Reporter

You walk into the mysterious classroom located on the C hall and stare at the figure shuffling papers, running back and forth picking up the papers, and grinning at the tools he has to put back in the closet. 881 more words


"Best coach I've ever had"

By Julio Verduzco, Talon Staff Reporter

As a Student athlete in high school, he never expected to be a coach of a championship winning team, but he knew he would want to be one. 528 more words


Matthew Gerlick: visual arts teacher and professional hat maker

By Sofia Deleon, Talon Staff Reporter

As the bell rings, students take their seats to await Matthew Gerlick’s new lesson in a day of visual arts. 472 more words