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Why is it so damn hard

I find it very difficult for me to go out there and socialize. I think, during high-school and during first year of university I would go out most weekends and/or try not to miss out on mates’ parties. 216 more words


Bemvindo mai iha hau nia website

Bemvindo mai iha distritu_lautem hodi hare rasik ho matan kona ba ita nia moris nebe loro-loron ifrenta iha ita nia moris


RANKing High


Rani Kim glances at her watch — the one thing she doesn’t go a day without — and it’s a little bit after 8 in the morning. 524 more words


At TEDxPlaceDesNations, talks from those who dedicate their lives to the global good

On the day he was released from his cell, Vincent Cochetel sported a beard “that would be trendy today.” It was not a fashion decision. In 1998, Cochetel, the Director of the Bureau for Europe for the UN High Commission on Refugees, was kidnapped in Chechnya and held hostage for 317 days, most of that time chained to a bed. 1,110 more words


Profile on Cassandra O.

As soon as class is dismissed, Cassandra quickly jumps out of her seat and heads towards the door to make her way to the parking lot to head for work. 614 more words


ES-TS-JS Worksheet

On day one of the ESKL1000 course, we used the following worksheet to examine a sample job task that a LINC instructor might do. Our example was “teach new vocabulary.” Using that task, we decided what Essential Skills were necessary to accomplish the task, what Technical Skills were needed to accomplish the task, and what Job Specific skills were needed to accomplish the task. 87 more words

Harley Swedler's dirty movies

Stuck to a white wall are nine iPads all lined up in threes with flashing images of various Dirty Movies – wait, not that type of… 638 more words