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Customer Reviews Profiling Beauty Eye Enhancing Liner

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One of the greatest secrets in the make up industry to creating the illusion of larger eyes is to apply an off white liner to the inner rim of the eyelid. 15 more words

Does John Good's Testimony Support Zimmerman's Story? Nope!

George Zimmerman’s story is simply incredulous even with John Good’s testimony. ¬†Many Zimmerman supporters point to Good’s testimony as somehow confirming Zimmerman’s story that Trayvon Martin without provocation, slammed his head on the cement, hit him in the face repeatedly, grabbed for his gun and only then did Zimmerman shoot him, in self-defense. 993 more words

George Zimmerman

Remote profiling using SSH Port Forwarding (SSH Tunneling) on Linux

In this blog post I’ll lay out few steps that are needed for remote profiling using SSH Port Forwarding (SSH Tunneling) using Yourkit profiler.


Steps to be followed on remote machine: 229 more words


On a quest of reducing Jenkins CI build time

In my organization we are using Jenkins as our CI tool. The core build is followed by multiple jobs consisting of unit tests, integration tests, SAS integration tests, … 1,892 more words


How Much Longer Until the Government Thinks Everybody Is a Terrorist?

The latest document leak from The Intercept (that’s Glenn Greenwald’s new web publication) comes not from Edward Snowden, it seems. Instead, an unidentified source within the intelligence community has provided… 837 more words


Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist | The Intercept

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’re probably already suspect. If you want to know how the government-mind works, take a look at the guidebook for placing people on a watchlist. 191 more words

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