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Bit Mining, what is it and why do people want to destroy people because of it?

Hello folks,

Today I am entertaining the bit mining debate (the other side of the somewhat popular Bit Coin). So you ask somebody what this is and they say a complex mathematical equation of blocks that takes lots of processing power. 491 more words


WHAM BAM 'em dont PR 'em

In a very recent post I highlighted the need to tear down the walls within marketing, PR, media and advertising.

Having highlighted the problems that come from trying to keep segregated, functions that should be totally integrated, I now want to propose a fairly obvious solution. 411 more words

PR 2.0

Breaking into Your Own Home is Easier When You’re White (A Call to Compassion in Ferguson)

I had a fun little adventure last night.  An adventure that was one answered prayer away from being a nightmare.

I got home from work a little late as I had run some errands.  2,608 more words

A little detective work ...

This week, as I continue my revision, it’s time to analyse the characters of my novel. Are they fulfilling my expectations? Have they over-egged their role? 212 more words

The Nasrid Charm



The wrong side of the tracks
Is the area which lacks
An avoidance of crime
And crosses an invisible line. 221 more words


The Prevention of Terrorism Acts and exclusion orders: 40 years since their introduction

This week it will be forty years since the introduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Temporary Provisions) 1974, passed quickly in the aftermath of the Birmingham pub bombings in November 1974. 1,239 more words

British History

I Do Not Even Know Where to Begin ... #Ferguson

I am going to try to proceed through this – whatever this turns into – without hyperbole and with the rawest honesty I can offer. Last night’s announcement that Officer Darren Wilson was not going to be tried for gunning down Michael Brown left me numb, angry, un-surprised, disengaged, frustrated … inhuman. 963 more words