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Announcing Floodwatch

Most web users are now pretty aware that their browsing and searching habits are constantly tracked. This tracking data is captured by advertising companies that then feed our information into ever-growing profiles that presume to know our age, gender, income strata, as well as our preferences and shopping habits. 378 more words


Ebola Profiling

I don’t want to make a cry of racism on this but I have to wonder, would we be so quick to yell for banning travel if Ebola was coming from Europe? Think about it.

Government Agencies Racist by Profiling Indigenous people

Bob L.    Just My Opinion
Oct. 13th 2014
But you are not saying who Indigenous Peoples really are: (
The definition of Indigenous People is something or someone who is native to an area or who naturally belongs there.  1,059 more words


Hundreds Rally Against St. Louis Police Violence - AP Associated Press Published on Oct 11, 2014

More than 1,000 people gathered Saturday for a second day of organized rallies to protest Michael Brown’s death and other fatal police shootings in the St. Louis area and elsewhere. (Oct. 11)


Racism? Profiling? Prejudice? Or Incompetence? The Tale of One Student, Zoned for Butler.

If you think there is no systemic racism in the Huntsville City Schools, perhaps you could explain to me why, without even opening her record, a Mexican girl who transferred from Butler to Lee in 2010 was automatically enrolled in Lee’s remedial classes. 706 more words


Deadly Force, in Black and White - by Ryan Gabrielson, Ryann Grochowski Jones and Eric Sagara , Oct. 10, 2014, 11:07 a.m.

A ProPublica analysis of killings by police shows outsize risk for young black males.

(Hannah Birch and David Sleight/ProPublica)

Young black males in recent years were at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts – 21 times greater i, according to a ProPublica analysis of federally collected data on fatal police shootings. 329 more words


Trayvon's Death Taught Jack Cashill Nothing!

Jack Cashill, and his fellow racism deniers, are still having trouble with reality or at least the reality that you and I are cognizant of, i.e., what is actually real. 1,042 more words

George Zimmerman