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Retailers Love Holiday E-Commerce Growth, but That Doesn't Mean It's Profitable

For a brick-and-mortar retailer, fast-growing online sales are often something to brag about. But during the holiday season, strong e-commerce sales numbers can come with a big trade-off: Tiny profits or even a loss. 358 more words


Why do you do Customer Service?

When helping a company discover their customer service strategy, a big part of the conversation is the what and how.

Decide your channels of support – check. 360 more words

Customer Service

Never pay for a climbing gym again with this one micro-transaction trick (which is also weird)


In this plan, we will discuss a sub-category of indoor climbing: bouldering. Bouldering involves climbing up a surface that is studded with various hand- and foot-holds, and it generally involves no safety equipment beyond a padded mat. 544 more words

Example of using segmentation to identify low-margin service offerings:


Need advanced data analytics techniques to analyze profitability data


Here’s an example of how customer segmentation helped identify some low margin service offerings:


Dealing with Bookstores 101 - Pt. 1

Publicity Tip #60

Whether you’re self-published or with a small traditional publisher, your book is likely not being stocked in the local bookstore. Why? With limited shelf space many bookstores only carry books from the… 555 more words


Political Campaign-Selling Maintenance as a Profit Center-Part 7

Raise Profit Margins Through Efficiency Gains

Before we get started, I just want to say that I understand that the financial picture is much more complicated, but for the sake of simplicity bear with me. 320 more words


A Different Kind of Roam

Over the weekend, I decided to try my hand at some trading. I used both my DST and my BR on two empires-wide trading roam circuits that constituted a total of about 15 hours or so of total gameplay. 1,630 more words

Captain's Log