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The Jealous Failure

Andrew Pyrka is a jealous man. One with imaginary friends and a delusion he is important. He is also a hypocrite who regularly attacks people who have earned money from crop circles. 195 more words

Andrew Pyrka

Bush Fire In The Armpits

And his arm-pits smelled like ash
There was wailing of the nostrils
Also killing of the mites
And his arm-pits smelled like ash.

His arm-pits smelled like ash… 66 more words


Close Everest. Close all the damn mountains. [And STOP the idiotic bucket challenge.]

Read it in April, in The Times of 26th April. I have to admit that it is one of the best articles I’ve read.

It’s written by a guy named Giles Coren (@GILESCOREN) and you can read it… 679 more words

Spiritual Community Activism from the Heart

When my brother was shot in the head by two teenage Afro-American teenage heroin addicts on March 13, 1968 during the Civil Rights Movement (both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were shot while Mike was in a coma) and was saved by an Afro-American brain surgeon, I was sixteen years old.   461 more words

One Man's Trash

One last post. I’ve had ideas for posts ever since I stopped posting on Tumblr and never got around to posting everything, so consider this night of 4 posts a dump of ideas I’ve had over the past few months. 368 more words


Not your grandfather’s America

There is a lot of talk these days about wealth and income inequality. Two items I heard on NPR’s Here and Now this afternoon drove home just how bad the problem is. 438 more words