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Spiritual Community Activism from the Heart

When my brother was shot in the head by two teenage Afro-American teenage heroin addicts on March 13, 1968 during the Civil Rights Movement (both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were shot while Mike was in a coma) and was saved by an Afro-American brain surgeon, I was sixteen years old.   461 more words

One Man's Trash

One last post. I’ve had ideas for posts ever since I stopped posting on Tumblr and never got around to posting everything, so consider this night of 4 posts a dump of ideas I’ve had over the past few months. 368 more words


Not your grandfather’s America

There is a lot of talk these days about wealth and income inequality. Two items I heard on NPR’s Here and Now this afternoon drove home just how bad the problem is. 438 more words


A Jingle of Gold (Protest)

a jingle of gold /
crouches behind the chanting – /
stars are deceptions /
and stripes are pine boxes /
in the Masters’ foul hands // 182 more words

Sleep Apnea -- unreasonable testing

U.S. healthcare has gone crazy with testing for sleep apnea!   No wonder:  the standard test for the condition makes sleep specialists $1000 a pop.  Talk about a “hammer”, anyone that snores or is overweight is a “nail”.   249 more words

High Cost

The Fear Index by Robert Harris

The Fear Index by Robert Harris is a change of pace for a writer who has written so well about the ancient world. In this novel, we’re in today’s world—and tomorrow’s. 453 more words

The Relationship Between Fiction And Fact

Reality Check.

Google Doodles are awesome (mostly). They provide commentary to local or international events, draw your attention to important occasions you might have forgotten (like, I don’t know, Independence Day), or celebrate potentially obscure dead people (mostly Science Guys). 162 more words