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The Ends Justify The Means

An age-old philosophical question is whether the ends justify the means for accomplishing them.

This test can be applied to any human endeavor, and usually breaks against achieving the ends if injustice or unfairness is required. 88 more words

Animal Holocaust

L'austérité illustrée

J’ai l’impression d’être une carcasse d’un pauvre animal égaré que l’on aurait laissé agoniser.  Seul et ensanglanté, triste et assoiffé, placardé sur ce sol asseché, mes yeux vers le ciel sont rivés.  441 more words

Why Use E-mail Marketing

Why Use E-mail Marketing

                                                                     November, 24th, 2014.

Hello Everyone,

E-mail Marketing and regular Newsletters to your existing clients is a great way to keep in touch, be informative and keep an interactive contact with your clients. 81 more words

Zippy ramble on Shallow things, the Beauty of things, & Need.

I have never seen an ugly tree
Never ever ever.

I have seen only beautiful trees

Yes, I’m partial to particular trees
Like this Shagbark Hickory… 433 more words


Monopolistic Competition

In this video I explore what monopolistic competition is with examples of it, characteristics required to achieve this, diagrams of it in the short-run and long-run. 12 more words

A2 Microeconomics

Rule #46: Super trawlers

Nothing super about these abominations of the sea. I touched on this in the cod moratorium post, but I think they deserve special attention as they’re impact reaches far beyond the collapse of the cod stocks. 303 more words

BC Ferries announce millions in second quarter profits

VANCOUVER – BC Ferries released their second quarter results on Friday with net earnings of $76.4 million and $90.3 million, for three and six months respectively, which is up from $64.3 million and $68.6 million in 2013. 314 more words