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Make you Fink on Friday

Coca Cola, Heinz And Other Major Food Companies Warn Climate Change Threatens Business

But as ThinkProgress noted at the time, the real story was not a guacamole shortage, but the emerging reality of doing business in a warming world. 165 more words

Fink On Friday

Small Gains, Big Profits

OK, Friday morning, you’re all fit and alert, let’s do some maths…

Your total receipts in the year are £100,000. Your expenses are £50,000. Leaving you a nice, round £50,000 of profit. 605 more words


It's Time for "Disruptive Change" Within the Ranks of Charter School Profiteers

Leaders in the corporate, hedge fund controlled, charter outfits love to use the phrase “disruptive change” as code for “we are taking over from those slow, stupid public school administrators and teachers because we can do it better.” But judging from their last few years’ track records, it’s looking like they are… 691 more words


Root Beer, Ethics, Profits, Economics and Cancer

I was looking for the ingredients in Root Beer when a Google search result made me see how Root Beer was connected to  America’s current economic and political challenges. 647 more words



According to Gary Keesee author, speaker and Pastor, “money is something that is sold in the marketplace.” This is a brilliant explanation of what money really is. 111 more words

Mozambique Oil & Gas Market: CMH posts US$37.8 million in profits

Mozambican state oil and gas company Companhia Moçambicana de Hidrocarbonetos (CMH) in 2013 posted a profit of US$37.8 million, a year on year increase of 29 percent, according to the company’s report and accounts for last year. 180 more words


Lying with numbers

Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Recently, I’ve been getting a graduate-level course in how to lie with numbers. The first lesson comes from the Heritage Foundation, which has a chart showing that despite spending tons of money on anti-poverty programs, the poverty rate hasn’t budged in years. 679 more words