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Retrospective: Morne's "Shadows"

As the seasons change, so do I. A large part of that is reflected in the music I listen to; the thrash and melodic death metal sounds that fill my summer and autumn have yielded to the darkened depths of winter, where the soundtrack tends to be of the black and doom metal varieties. 409 more words


Old Man Gloom return to their tricky, crushing activities with 'The Ape of God' ... Both of them!

It’s nice to know there are things in metal you still can rely on. While there are a handful of labels and bands I pretty much can be assured will offer up quality with each new release, knowing where I can place my trust isn’t so easy these days. 1,091 more words

PICK OF THE WEEK: Menace Ruine's dreamy beauty shines through the darkness on 'Venus Armata'

Beauty in metal and heavier music is not a commonly written-about topic here. That’s not on purpose. I guess the natural inclination is to steer toward the dark, violent, depressing, crushing. 993 more words