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Daily 'Bang: Check out the new Leviathan song, "All Tongues Toward"

Like all other good metalheads, I needed to drop what I was doing (sorry, boss!) and share the new Leviathan song, “All Tongues Toward”—their first in nearly four years. 148 more words

Daily 'Bang

In Rotation: Castevet - Obsidan (2013)

A casual glimpse through Castevet’s online reviews makes it abundantly obvious that no one quite knows how to pigeon-hole this band. So rather than label them ‘Ambient Post Blackened Prog Core Math Metal’ let’s just call the ‘FUCKING AWESOME’. 106 more words


Best of 2014 - Dan's List, Part Seven

Friday at last! It’s time for the final installment of the un-ordered section of my Best-of-’14 list. As we’ve made (hopefully) painfully clear over the past few days, our Final Fours (otherwise known as the yes-ordered section of my Best-of-’14 list) will be out later this afternoon in Episode 33 of the podcast. 535 more words