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Gears of Work.

So, I currently have a project in mind. I’ll be flying this one solo my partner’s rig took a turn for the worse, and cannot afford to buy a new one. 24 more words

Game Related

testing. testing. 1,2? (continued)

Chapter 6: Going Loopy

Starting with “puzzle” #3…

ingredients = [‘ham’, ‘cheese’, ‘mustard’, ‘mayo’]
>>> for x in range(1, 10)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
>>> for x in range(1, 10):

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Programming is soooooooo fun I’ve been doing it everyday a LOT (after I finish my schoolwork :(:(:( ). IT IS SOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My dad setup a website for me and I’ve programmed all the stuff with just a little bit of my dad’s help. 38 more words


05.Data Structures Efficiency

01.A text file students.txt holds information about students and their courses in the following format:

Kiril | Ivanov | C#
Stefka | Nikolova | SQL… 2,596 more words