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4 Things That You Must Know About Data Loader

Data Loader is an application that helps in migration of database from one format to another. It is also popularly known as data migration tool. There are various types of database software available in the market and people generally work with any of it according to their requirements. 234 more words


Advantages of Spring framework

Spring provide a lot of benifites to developer few are as follows:

  • Use what you need and leave if you don’t need anythings due to it’s layered architecture.
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Out in the Open: Netflix Unleashes the ‘Monkey’ That Keeps Its Systems Secure | Enterprise | WIRED

Netflix started open sourcing the Simian Army in 2012 when it released the code for Chaos Monkey, a tool that randomly shuts off other services to make sure that any given service will continue to work in the event of cloud outages. 73 more words

Find the median of a list of number

def median(numbers)

sortedNums = sort(numbers)
length = sortedNums.length
if length % 2 != 0
return sortedNums
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How to print out every number that is divisible by 3 and 5 

range = (0..1000)

def divisibleBy3And5(range)
range.each do |x|

if x %3 ==0 && x %5 ==0… 6 more words

How to create Child Theme?

  • Create a directory in your themes directory to hold the child theme. The theme directory is wp-content/themes. You should name the directory without any space as part of the name, and it is common practice to use the name of the parent theme folder with “-child” appended to it.

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Tales from a Job Fair

Recently, I attended the Democratic GAIN Career Fair in Washington, DC. Democratic GAIN bills itself as a “professional association for progressives,” and is a great resource for anyone interested in progressive issue advocacy or political campaigns. 417 more words