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Pemrograman berorientasi obyek adalah gaya pengkodean yang memungkinkan pengembang untuk mengelompokan tugas-tugas yang serupa ke dalam class.Dengan cara ini kode-kode yang sering digunakan tidak perlu ditulis berulang kali sehingga memudahkan kita untuk memelihara skrip kode yang kita buat.

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Optimalisasi Database Mysql

Hallo sabahabat setia pengunjung blog ini..
kali ini saya ingin berbagi sedikit ilmu kepada pembaca tentang pengetahuan berapa jumlah data yang mampu ditampung oleh database MYSQL anda gunakan. 126 more words


Halt and Catch Fire

This series is airs on AMC and it is about a small company in the early 80’s trying to get a foothold in the personal computer industry, when the computer┬árevolution is just really starting. 280 more words

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CSTutoring Center Programming 7 (Python)

AWWWW YEAH! Knocking these out! Still on my CSTutoring kick but if you have any you’d like knocked out please leave a comment!

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New Zealanders and their sheep - part 2

Ok, based on the graphs in the last post NZ is slowly being cow-a-fyed, so whats driving this trend. Well google will tell you that its … 790 more words


4 Things That You Must Know About Data Loader

Data Loader is an application that helps in migration of database from one format to another. It is also popularly known as data migration tool. There are various types of database software available in the market and people generally work with any of it according to their requirements. 234 more words


Advantages of Spring framework

Spring provide a lot of benifites to developer few are as follows:

  • Use what you need and leave if you don’t need anythings due to it’s layered architecture.
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