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Scalability and databases

We live in a world where data is coming from everywhere. And in the era of BIG DATA we must have some SCALABLE store for data, which must have ACID properties based transaction capability as well must provide some faster way of reading/writing. 31 more words

Scalable Architecture

send Graphite output to Slack

Just a quick recipe to send rendered graphs from Graphite to Slack, using your crontab(5) and Incoming Webhooks:

0  5  *  *  * /path/to/script.sh >/dev/null
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“Fastsocket is a highly scalable socket and its underlying networking implementation of Linux kernel. With the straight linear scalability, Fastsocket can provide extremely good performance in multicore machines. 28 more words


The Energy of Love

“If you run into your greatest fear, all the mind wants to do is run away so that it is not being confronted by this fear, so that the fear cannot be opened up and yet, when you do, in it, you can find the energy of love.” — Ekara *

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So, After Tupling, When Do You Start to List?

Listing is sort of like tupling, except lists are more loosey goosey. The stuff in a tuple is more solid than rock. It can’t be changed, not with a chisel, a jackhammer or bunker busting bomb (however, see the postscript below for a loophole). 250 more words


Run Code on Another Thread , C#

When we have a certain function that takes a long time for example uploading a file to the server, we don’t want the user wait for that function to finish. 41 more words


Overcoming challenges


Half the fun of programming is in creating something awesome – The other half is figuring out how to get there.

I started programming in Excel, just setting cells equal to some formula based on other cells (eg =E4+2). 277 more words