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Sending data over WiFi between our PC application and the EV3 (part 3)

In the previous post, I wrote that I didn’t manage to get the Direct Commands working that open and read a mailbox. And that I managed to get the workaround working to send data from the EV3 to the PC application. 678 more words


Dive Deep into CPP: Copy Constructor

Copy Constructor is usually invoked by passing reference to the old object of a class to a newly created object of the same class. Compiler by default provide a copy constructor to a class even if you didnt provide one. 114 more words

Errors And Solutions

A more complex quine

A follow-on from my earlier post about quines.

With just a little bit of spare time…

After my earlier post I thought I might try to make a more complex quine. 586 more words


Translating My 2048 Strategy Into A.I. Code

Soon after joining the 2048 craze, I was able to consistently reach the 2048 tile and was ready to begin my pursuit of the 4096 tile to truly prove my skill. 423 more words


What does "Agile" mean?

To most people, “Agile” is – like “Lean”, “Cloud”, “SCRUM”, and “Virtual” – one of those modern software development buzzwords that sounds vaguely scientific and valuable, while probably meaning almost nothing. 973 more words


Beginning Python Tutorial Series: 2 - Hello Universe!

“Hello Universe!” Program

Welcome back!! This is the second tutorial in my Beginning Python Tutorial series.  There is a long-standing tradition with programmers when they first start out;  they all code the… 283 more words