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Programming for the Information Professional: Fall 2013


Leah Findlater


iSchool at Maryland


Fall 2013


This course is an introduction to computer programming intended for students with no previous programming experience. 81 more words

ISchool At Maryland

Righto, so a little inactivity, but I’m back again. I’m on holiday for the next week, but still posting. So on today’s plate we have a little history lesson about my programming life, so let’s get into it… 446 more words


Spirituality Without Religion

Once we embrace any organized belief system it becomes almost impossible to accept any other way of thinking. Unfortunately, this is usually fear based. And fear is the ultimate tool used by cults and religions to control and manipulate its followers. 943 more words

Maps and Abstraction

The entire history of software engineering is that of the rise in levels of abstraction.
Grady Booch, The Limits of Software

That I was always a supporter of the idea that in object-oriented languages there is almost no place for…

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How Do I Get to My Place of Power?

Some dear friends asked me…

I am not able to practice affirmations, or any other meditation techniques, with full concentration.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve on this? 787 more words


Using ArcObjects in Python

Recently, I found the need for more fine-grained control over a map document than Arcpy (Python) alone could afford, so I turned to the comtypes library (downloaded library… 166 more words


Simple Code Review Checklists

What if, when giving a patch r+ on Mozilla’s bugzilla, you were presented with the following checklist: