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#21 - In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.

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I found this amusing since recursion is definitely one of the computer science subjects that I struggled with the most in university. I remember having to manually draw stacks on paper to keep track of values and how deep in recursion I was. I might have to see how much it costs to print this on a poster!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 [3.4]

Snatch Drop Under (w/hip): HS + 5×1@85% of HS
*You may dip the hips and pause, but may not bring the shoulders in front of the bar. 84 more words

The Living Laboratory

Each month, City Parks Alliance names one “Frontline Park” as a standout example of urban park excellence, innovation and stewardship from across the country. The program identifies city parks that find innovative ways to meet the unique challenges faced as a result of shrinking municipal budgets, land use pressures and urban neighborhood decay. 385 more words


Even more cleaned up version of DSNESDS...

Haha… alright. Not many words about this one. It’s just the latest version of DSNESDS… no more features than the last two versions but internally refactored in quite some places. 213 more words


GSoC : Memory heap corruption and code rewrite

This week I’ve been busy rewriting the stemmer and debugging some memory heap corruption. My first implmentation of the stemmer used to crash ibus whenever certain words, like “ദൂരെയാണ്” and “വിദൂരമായ” were typed. 495 more words



I have to get it off my chest:  Excel is a steaming pile of shit.  Try saving a CSV and see if you can remember what you set out to do after you click through all the dialog boxes.   121 more words