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TDD part 2

Its long overdue, but I wanted to share what I learned about the Red, Green, Refactor process of Test Driven Development, and why it makes sense. 123 more words


KendoUI Release Q2'2014 Toolbar (basics)

Today, just few minutes back, Telerik has announced their new version of KendoUI: Q2’2014. Some new widgets, features and AngularJS framework integrated in the official code. 415 more words


jQuery on click is raised by text selection

So today I was building some basic toggle capabilities into a web page. Everything is working well, then I test selecting the text. Of course this causes the element to collapse on mouse up. 32 more words


My Favorite Freelance Project: A Minor League Season

By far, my favorite project happens to be a project I made for a friend. You can check it out here.

It was a fun project because it just LOOKS good. 166 more words


Final Shit

I’m taking this summer class in college because, well, because of an obvious reason and it sucked at first. I was doing theory and reporting documentation and shit about THREE.js and how it worked and stuff – very boring, but finally things get more exciting when I dive into actual programming. 183 more words



Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the Wellness Explorers Challenge this summer! There were over 250 participants and 20 teams.

Walking was the core component of the Wellness Explorers Challenge, specifically focusing on ways in which participants incorporate walking into their daily routine. 254 more words


Recursion versus iteration

The first programming language to allow functions to be recursively defined was McCarthy’s LISP in 1959. Its introduction was not controversial: nobody but John McCarthy had any say in what the language was going to be. 2,412 more words