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convert NFA to DFA


the better format post : post

solution :

A = $\varepsilon-closure(0)$ = $\{0\}$
B = $move(A,a)$ = $\{1\}$
C = $move(A,b)$ = $\{\}$
E = $move(B,a)$ = $\{2\}$ 251 more words


Day 20 (Waking up Late)

Good afternoon blog! Today was a late wake up day. I’ve come to the conclusion that even with an early schedule, I still need 2 days to get sleep, so when I wake up early on Saturday, it’s better to sleep in on Sunday and Monday. 190 more words

101 In 1001

January 24th/25th: Untested

Pretty much all of the code for the parameter editor is in place, but I’m still ironing out bugs and UI issues so it’s not quite done. 47 more words

Daily Update

The rising tide of shipping glitter bombs

It seems that people are suddenly mad with the sweet revenge of bombing people with glitter. Shipping enemies glitter is becoming world-wide phenomenon. This is the list of web sites that sell glitter, promising to bomb the buyer’s enemy. 45 more words



Welcome to Tech Ticks. Our aim is to be a useful resource for traders looking to learn programming, programmers looking to learn trading, and anybody else in between. 46 more words


The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica: Rose Caraway

I am extremely pleased to work at a library willing to try a little different programming! The South San Francisco Public Library is celebrating “Love in the Library” month! 143 more words

South San Francisco Public Library

Why Geeks Should Write ...

As a student, I had very minimal exposure to computer science and programming, except for my high school course which I suprisingly aced!

To give you some context, I enrolled in CSC108 and now CSC148 merely because they are required for my major, cognitive science -which I didn’t know what it was until I enroleld in COG250! 482 more words

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