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Ruby Details: clone and dup

Another post that’s mostly a reminder to self. ;-)

Over at Know Ruby: clone and dup Aaron Lasseigne explained the differences between dup and clone. 188 more words


Setting up websites

This stuff is hard!!! I have to read the directions. :(


Not Actually About What Programming "Is"

Alright, so there were some blog posts going around recently that were about how “programming isn’t math” and all that. The main two I’m thinking of are… 621 more words

A dialect of Lisp extended to support for concurrent programming, written in Go

“LispEx is another Lisp Interpreter implemented with Go. The syntax, semantics and library procedures are a subset of R5RS…”



Python in 4 Hours


    The ecosystem
    Python syntax and native data-types
    Code organization: modules, packages and magic
    Functional programming
    Object oriented program design
    Unit testing
    Advanced topics and performance tuning… … 7 more words

CSS pulldown menus, the trick

The real trick to css pulldown menus is the :hover pseudo selector. You knew that. However, the insight comes in learning that the :hover pseudo can be used anywhere in the middle of your CSS selector. 89 more words