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Open Kinect for Processing, An error occured;

Once we finally added code allowing for reacTIVision to take place and calibrate the fiducial symbols, an error suddenly appeared saying “A library used by this sketch is not installed properly. 74 more words


Building a Browser Extension

I just finished cleaning up a relative’s computer…again.  It seems nearly impossible; how can a computer that is barely ever used, and has had almost no software downloaded (almost!) be so corrupted with malware that it ceases to function?   1,045 more words

Browser Extension

How to remove MySQL completely

On this video, you can get idea how to uninstall mysql server completely.if we did it normal way, we won’t be able to reinstall it again, because sever files are still remain in your system and they keep belonging the 3306 port.you have to go to the App data folder of your user account and need to remove mysql folder.but problem is this method

Video Tutes

Tappy Lander Dev Diary #5: Physics & Tricks

You’ve practiced and taken all variables into account. You zero in on the target. Finally, through the combination of calculation, instinct and luck… SWISH! Two points! 451 more words

April 15th: Browser

Put in a bit more work on the image browser, added a couple of necessary functions to the bitmap manager and started creating the sub node thing component thing that will display each image in the browser. 25 more words

Daily Update

From Bootstraps to knowing how to Programm

At the beginning I used Bootstraps to create an responsive media. Now I found out how to use the @media coding to create a reponsive website without any help. 40 more words