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Boston Dynamic's Wildcat

Sorry, I’ve been slow with the posts. Ran into a lot of homework and I’m still working on teaching myself C++ programming. Once again, if anyone wants to talk about C++, feel free to shoot me an email at ccs.simmons@gmail.com. 76 more words

Dependency Injection with Spring

As mentioned in the previous article I’m going to write some words about dependency injection — with Spring. As stated before there exist a lot of good books and articles about DI and I will only tell my opinion of the usage of DI. 1,199 more words


Missed And Be Missed

Isn’t it obvious that I haven’t made much of an appearance in a few weeks, and it dawned on me, how much I miss you all. 380 more words


Well, that's an auspicious start!

I sat down in front of my desk to dick around before I rolled the dice today.

My computer shut down due to overheating. Fine, says I. 165 more words


Tuesday, April 22nd.

(The program I’m following can be found Here, I’m on Week 19.)

Good night’s sleep last night…

Power Snatch: 60%/2, (65%/2, 70%/2, 75%/1)3
Power Clean & Jerk: 60%/2+1, (65%/2+1, 70%/2+1, 75%/1+1)3… 436 more words

Using the standalone version of F# interactive

In the last post, we dipped our collective toes into the warm waters of F# Interactive within the safe confines of Visual Studio. This time around, we’ll venture into deeper water by running the standalone command shell. 809 more words


Install OpenCV in Anaconda 1.9.2 on Mac OS X Mavericks

This site was extremely helpful.

Basic Requirements:

pre-installed GCC version on Mac
OpenCV: 2.4.8

Important Note: Please don’t try with OpenCV version 2.4.5 and 2.4.6. As this two versions have a bug, it will generate an error. 224 more words