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Nübi is ushering in the Internet of Toys

As previously explored on Bits & Pieces, the Maker Movement has paved the way for new gizmos and gadgets in an effort to increase awareness around STEM and lower the barrier of entry for coding. 404 more words

Makers Movement

Transforming isn't always as easy as Bippity-boppity-boo

This year I started working towards a web development certificate at the University of Cincinnati.

Since I spent the past four years of my undergrad painting things and making tiny bottles out of clay, it’s been quite challenging to wrap my mind around all the XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, and JAVA. 726 more words

Current Work

Seven Levels of Hell: The Tech Edition

  1. First Circle (Limbo): For developers who can’t pick a language or platform as their given specialty.

    Punishment: All souls chained to this level will walk door to door with their résumé, only to have each one slammed in their faces with the phrase “You have no strengths!”

  2. 545 more words

C#: string or String?


What’s the deal with the string and other types in C#? I see both string and String all over the place. Same goes with int and Int32 and other types. 348 more words


It's a trap! - Inputting sentences in C programs

If you are inputting in a sentence into a C program, then there are a number of choices: scanf, gets, and fgets. Let’s consider that the string being input is “winter is coming”. 597 more words


Unity engine

Coming from UDK/Unreal Engine, I had to figure out how unity works. I am a student over at The Game Institute. I like Unity, though it is missing some of the visual editors that unreal engine has right out of the box.