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Christmas Project # 1

So, christmas time is here and over this I want to make sure I continue tinkering with C# and expanding my skills. I have been playing around with XNA, however for my Xmas project I feel something more in line with what I’ve been doing at work is in order. 188 more words


December 19th: Flicker

Fixed a minor problem with the controller stuff, fixed a few problems with the entity and map editors, got melee attack registration working. I think I’ve pretty much figured out how to handle death animations and stuff, which is by creating a behavior that spawns other entities when the first entity dies – this can be used to spawn a death animation entity, a set of particles, or whatever. 11 more words

Daily Update

Something New

This is a blog dedicated to my attempts to studying computer science and code by myself.  Many people have done it before me, and many people will do it after me.   797 more words


Top 10 Tools To Make Coding Simpler With Java

ava is synonymous to a web developer’s professional life as this is such a programming language which any programmer can hardly avoid. Some people say Java is one of the most simple and powerful programming languages, being a pretty tough one too for some other people. 373 more words


Uniy3D: How to implement scrolled UI with texts

Unity3D 4.6+ comes with the new UI system that makes implementation of scrolled texts a piece of cake. This article explains, step-by-step, how to make such scrolled effects. 274 more words


An introspective interlude

Getting a late start tonight. In the future I intend to utilize my downtime a little better and take advantage of the ability to load some articles up for publishing in the future! 558 more words