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It's that time Again!

Lee and I have started our 10 day cleanse again and we both feel great! I love doing AdvoCare’s 10 Day cleanse every 90 days. I love all the products really. 118 more words


My Mission

I’m here to help. I want to share all and any information that was helpful for me. I’ve been that person to be on every website researching, what I should eat, what is realistic weight loss, how to deal with lose skin, should I stick with cardio or weight lifting, what are calories, what effective home workouts can I do, should I weigh myself or measure myself, do diet pills work, if its related to weight loss you name it I spent annoying hours researching and getting different information some helpful and some not. 261 more words

Weight Loss

Progress Pic and Pasta

I am sorry this is very late, I meant to post this last night but I had a lot going on and did not get home until late last night. 275 more words


Week 3 Review

I cannot believe it is April already. I think all the cold weather has made this winter feel extremely long.

Anyway, while I was away I took a progress picture and compared it to last weeks. 237 more words

April goals

I am going to try and write goals ( and follow them) each month. Some will be set up by the week and some will be set up by month. 289 more words

About Face

Sometimes All the time I wonder if the things I’m doing to better myself are actually working. I feel like I post about this all the time, but it is REALLY hard to notice change on your own person. 286 more words

Happy St. Patty's Day! One year surgaversary!

Hey guys! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :) I am the worst blogger in the whole world. Lol. I need to find to time to write more. 699 more words