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Progress and Adjustments

Today I weighed in at 183.6lbs. This is a .9lb increase in weight! I am much happier with this slower weight gain because means I am not gaining as much fat. 127 more words


Day 14

About the Picture: So, in 1 week I gained 5 pounds while eating 5 healthy balanced meals a day. I feel as if that number is not entirely accurate or I have been putting on a lot of lean muscles because my waist size has not changed a bit and usually that is the first thing to expand on me. 86 more words


Progress Photos

On the left: 2011 at 350. On the right, today at 280. Let’s not talk about how I can’t smile in photos.

I contacted a tattoo artist about scheduling an appointment for a tattoo for my birthday in August. 27 more words

Weight Loss

Dancing is easy right?!

I did zumba for the first time in a while yesterday. It’s definitely a fun way to burn calories, but it’s also hilarious. Just looking at everyone in the mirror, it makes me feel so much better about my awkwardness because, well… … 42 more words

Day 7

Sunday was another rest day, as well as a cheat day.
The reasons for the Sunday cheat day are:
1)It is apart of the program which I am following… 109 more words

Week 1

I Said I'd Be Honest

This is the post I knew I had to write from the moment I decided to have a completely honest blog about what I’m going through on my weight loss journey. 512 more words