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The Aim.

Everything needs an aim, a purpose or intention; a desired outcome.

Mine, is to get myself back in order.

I started work exactly three months ago and they have been the toughest yet. 182 more words


Daily Quip

We ask more questions than we have answers for and that is a good thing. It keeps us looking for more answers and that is progress.


House Progress + Flooring Choices

It&#8217s a busy week for us with our Las Vegas renovation project, we&#8217re in Official Demo Mode and significantly is altering! The excellent type of alter&#8230… 32 more words

Rolling changes

Roles change constantly. For example, the role of the 1920-1950-1980 and present mother has changed considerably (warning: huge global generalisation coming) in most of the world. 941 more words

Thoughts That Come And Go


So I may not be meditating everyday or even once a week, but somehow I am off my meds. When my husband admitted me again because he “didn’t know what to do” and I was “out of his boundaries” with the help I needed he sent me away to the hospital. 433 more words

Currently Rebooting

Today, Giovanni and I went tubing down the Chattahoochee river. Despite the slight chance of rain, the sun was out all day. If it was more cloudy or 60-70 degrees inside, it would’ve been perfect. 1,234 more words

The Pathway to Progress: My Last Hillsong Copenhagen Service

Leaving the studio on my way to Hillsong, I was frustrated beyond belief. I spent roughly five hours trying to download a software for my presentation only to find out that the model software I use is “too new” for it. 699 more words