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Why are some individuals SO hardheaded that they are completely closed to the idea of reasonable compromise for the sake of progress or continuance?

This selfish close-mindedness towards dealing with conflict or difference in opinion completely escapes me; so much so that I only understand this attitude as an abstract.  152 more words

Have You Ever Stopped To Think...

Is there any more room for me in those jeans?

This is gonna be just a short progress post because it’s late and I’m feeling unwell. Sore throat. Sure sign of the cooties.

Anyway, T and I have what we refer to as “Milestone Jeans.” The MJs are a pair of jeans that we each have, and aim to get into. 111 more words

Stop Counting and Start Making Progress!

When you enter the gym, leave your counting at the door. Tracking reps just leads to confusion. ‘Should I do 12 reps for size?’ ‘Will my strength increase if I do low rep sets?’ Questions I commonly hear by new gym goers wanting to add mass to their frame and bench every kilogram of weight in the gym. 275 more words

ROW80 Musings on chameleons

This will have to be a quick check-in, because my bedtime approaches.  Hay fever abides, and it has been hot and humid as north-central-nowhere-near-the-coasts Florida these past few days in upstate New York, and I’m miffed. 218 more words


Panel to identify India's 'obsolete' laws

NEW DELHI: In a bid to further improve governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday set up a two-member committee to identify “obsolete” laws, which he thinks are hampering the public good by creating “avoidable confusion”. 99 more words


Venting Some Steam, Or Getting to YES

“Just because you haven’t heard me swearing doesn’t mean I haven’t been,” I said to Jim, shortly before dinner.

“What’s wrong? Is the machine giving you problems?” … 188 more words


weigh-in wednesday: august 27th

It’s hard when you don’t see all your hard work pay off.

This week I actually had a slight gain (1.2 lbs to be precise) and I didn’t understand it. 221 more words

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