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Change Takes Time

Changing oneself is not easy, it takes a lot of time. People are not like cars where there is a mechanic who is able to piece the broken parts together in a matter of hours or days and give you an improved version. 233 more words


The Illusion of Progress

What is going on here? I am making progress. I swear I am.

Can it really be that more than 50% of this collage is just detailing like this interspersed with random graffiti? 75 more words


Vanity thought #1079. Measuring lines

Yesterday I looked at spiritual progress of different people as parallel lines that never cross, not until they finally reach Kṛṣṇa. By different people I meant different religions but, I suppose, this theory holds true for individuals, too – we don’t have any personal connections ourselves, only through Kṛṣṇa. 1,339 more words


The Man Who Plays The Horn With His Feet

Felix Klieser was born with no arms, so uses his feet to do most things. This includes eating, dressing, writing … and being a professional French horn player. 570 more words


"You haven't changed a bit!"

Recently, I met with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in over 6 years. It never a true reunion until you’ve hugged for those awkward extra three seconds and stared at each other blankly across the table while you prayed that the appetizer would hurry up already. 289 more words


I have to...

I wanna be strong to show everyone how stupid they were for fucking me over… And to show people that told me I couldn’t do it that my they were wrong about me. 250 more words

WD16: Rest Day and WIW: Week 2

Weigh-in-Wednesday, Week 2

  • Pounds Down: +0.4
  • Inches Down: -3.25


  • Pounds Down: -1.2
  • Inches Down: -9.75

Oh weight fluctuations… weigh-ins like today (I’m up a little bit from… 242 more words