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Topical Rewards - Weather and Climate

This term year 8 studied Weather and Climate. My expectations of a number of my students were exceeded in the study of this topic, they loved it. 241 more words



I am happy.

It really is just so simple, to be happy. I know for the most part I think I’m not doing anything wrong. I tell myself it’s something about me, something I was born with, to plague me for all of my days. 516 more words


Work in Progress.

Imagine my horror when I discovered recently that I am not a “real” mountain biker.  I am merely a cyclist who rides a mountain bike but certainly not a true, mud covered, dust breathing, bone rattling mountain biker. 539 more words

And please you, have a Merry Christmas!

May you be bathed in light and love
May you be where you are at home
And not feel lonely if alone.

May you feel warm and dry and full… 54 more words


Comeback !

After disappearing (From myself as well) for a few months..and after having to undergo a couple of surgeries..I’m back!

My weight is 73 kg at the moment, lost only two kilos. 82 more words

The Limits of Medicine

I apologize that it has been so long since I have been able to post an update on how mom has been doing. Admittedly, it has been an incredibly long and difficult week here, and this is the first time I have had some time to be able to write anything. 709 more words

Healing Journey

134. Parents

The quiet home was not the same,
an older man now making visits,
and sensing work still to be done,
must quickly pack and exit. … 107 more words