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A Little Book Update. Little Girls and Tyrants

I am glad to report I’m making some progress on “The Book”! It’s only the slightest bit of progress, but progress nonetheless. Slowly but surely the first in my… 335 more words


Capitalism is just a phase

Theories on captialism, be it critical or affirmative ones, often emphasize the system-character of capitalism, while on the other hand highlighting its transformative impact. Critical theories even go so far to say that capitalism is not sustainable in any way – it did what it did as long as it could, but eventually has to give way to something else. 195 more words


In the Garden Today...

Yesterday first salad leaves started peeping through a week on after sowing. A single white flower has appeared on each of the wild strawberry and strawberry sonata plants popped into containers at the same time. 41 more words


Let's play a little game: Shaina's Mind v. Reality

As a twenty-two year old single female, the fear of missing out and feelings of lame-ness are two of the most powerful forces of resistance against my recovery and sobriety, WHEN I let them be. 1,481 more words


O is for...Oomans.

Yesterday’s N post saw a short piece in the A-Z blog challenge, delving into my WIP, Prophecy of Innocence. Always one to strike a balance, I have a feeling today’s is going to go on a bit. 1,693 more words


Progress Shots Featuring Abs (Almost)

It’s been taking me forever to lean out because I just LOVE to eat! But I’m finding a good balance between eating and putting in more work that is currently helping out.



Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

(Jim Rohn)