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Spring just might be here. I sit with the door open to the air that resides out there.

In the back room I have dragged my plastic drawers of paints. 278 more words

Definition of Success

Most of the times we are taken so far by what we as people can achieve in our lives, we have had a definition of success in different visions, some have believed that money, jewelry, houses and cars define how successful one is, maybe it does but i guess most of the successful people may agree with me in this, success is about doing the best that you know of and can do best. 175 more words

Forward Thinking

Consequences of Peace

Peace is vital, peace is inevitable, peace is a noble crown that has to be achieved, who among humanity have the thought of peace. The world has been waiting for something strong, something that would cure the heartaches of families that have lost their loved ones in Kiev. 280 more words

Forward Thinking

"I felt comfortable almost instantly with a real strong sense of camaraderie with my team mates" : Meet Albert Hughes


Back in 2012, before I started with Reward Gateway, I was temping with various different recruitment agencies. 468 more words

Reward Gateway

The Past Remains

Her poems
are dark
bitter and twisted
laced with unrequited desire
each one tainted
with ash of a past
a past thought
a past glance… 103 more words

New Poems

The Adventures of a Hat

When I was a kid, my father liked to take the family out on adventurous excursions ranging from trekking the wilderness to finding hidden lakes. These little treasures defined our time together as a family. 581 more words


Responsibility of Success

There are a lot of us who have been told we will amount to nothing, nothing of yours is ever going to be great, you will never and ever be successful and most of us have yielded to all these threats. 110 more words

Forward Thinking