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Buckets of Hope

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Unless you live in a remote area with no Internet access, no cell phone service, and no TV, (and how are you reading this if that is the case??!) you have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of people get soaked over the past couple of weeks. 953 more words


The Marathon (rant)

It is a marathon not a sprint. When you want to get fit, you need to be going consistently. If you don’t you’re honestly just wasting your time and money. 484 more words


Comp 101- Paying your Dues

Thanks everyone for your emails and messages on my first comp post! I’ve been getting a lot of questions on other topics that I will attempt to build into the blog posts. 1,278 more words

Happy 3rd Birthday

To my fellow 2011 cohort – Happy 3rd Birthday! Today marks three years since thirty-two Apprentices took on a challenge of a lifetime.

Admittedly we’ve lost a few along the way, everyone has different aspirations and IBM supports this – I wish those who have moved onto new things every success. 180 more words


I’m going to start this post as I always do – in the middle. I’ve had a bit of an awful day, full of ups and downs (of which I will only partially blame on hormones), research, tears and some brief moments of enlightenment. 1,837 more words

When Adversity Tests Your Will - Push Back!!!

When your back is against the wall, you have two choices quit or move forward. ¬†Quitting is not an option so start pushing…¬†http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/overcoming-adversity/¬†… May you find the strength to push back with all your adversities throughout your Journey and remember they will teach you valuable lessons and wisdom…. Darlene