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Our Condolences of Peace

The world mourns and we at edwinmathe.com, do grieve as well the loss of 239 passengers of MH17 that was short down in Ukraine, may i say peace is an absolute necessity and we are all in honor and support of the bravery of the passengers and all peace loving citizens of the world in this hard time. 81 more words

Forward Thinking

Journey to becoming the strongest version

From the age of 16 to 17 using Calisthenics (Body weight).

By the title “Journey to becoming the strongest version” don’t just think of it as physical strength but intellectual, emotional, everything involved in being human and for me fitness is a big part of who I am, so through my fitness journey I hope not only to gain my dream physique but everything else there is to being strongest version. 30 more words


If 'career' is a verb, then what is a 'career plan'?

<1172 sage words>

Career:  To move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction, as in

“The car careered across the road and went through a hedge.” 1,155 more words


Day 29 - 8 months progress pictures

I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves today…

Fall and winter 2013 (September to December)

Comparison: February to March 2014

June/July 2014

And just to highlight the progress I’ve made…

I’m a happy guuurrrl😁🙈

what is in your gym bag?

Today I bought myself a gym bag. Its a little large but I’m sure I’ll have lots to fill it with!


In my fabulous bag I have.. 244 more words



I strive for more in life than how many bitches I can pull or how fvcked up I can get every night. I don’t live everyday trying to ball harder than the person next to me. 122 more words


Spirituality - Definition (Part 1)

Spirituality is a personal attribute that most active latter-day saints value quite highly. As I have grown up in the church, I have often heard and been a part of conversations where a latter-day saint was either defending their own level of spirituality or questioning the spirituality of another as if spirituality was a measure of status or greatness amongst latter-day saints. 3,918 more words