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All in a Day's Work

R.E.M. – http://bit.ly/1nGGjq2

Ah, Alberta, home of cowboys, oil rigs and snow-capped mountains where the politics is never dull. The Progressive Conservative Party has been in power out here for about, oh I don’t know.…800 years give or take. 910 more words


Party Emails: A tale of rallying the troops

Yesterday was yet another interesting day in the world of Alberta politics (and today even more so).

Like many of you I received a flurry of emails and notes of a political nature. 694 more words


Orange is the New Black adding Alison Redford?

In Alberta we knew we had a crappy Premier.  We knew she had spent a lot of time lying and cheating.  We quickly tired of her sense of entitlement, and bitchy attitude.   596 more words

Conservative Vs. Liberals? They Both Suck

I often find myself wondering why people insist on defining themselves so rigidly.  People are tied to there views, but are they really even their views? 1,699 more words

Christine Elliott to announce run for PC leadership

TORONTO – Christine Elliott will announce her intention to replace Tim Hudak and lead the Progressive Conservatives at a press conference Wednesday.

The PC MPP has held Whitby-Oshawa (previously Whitby-Ajax) by substantial margins of victory since 2006, when her late husband, former finance minister Jim Flaherty, jumped from provincial to federal politics. 87 more words