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Well ain't we something--we have devoted ourselves to the welfare state

I live in a conservative central Texas congressional district.  Our congressman, is Mike Conaway, now entering his 11th year, is an accountant who was an associate of W when he lived in Midland.   476 more words


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Its RINO's like this that have turned the GOP into a Progressive light party and that is also why the Tea Party formed! The are two kings of Progressives the Democrat Progressives and the republican progressives the only difference between them is the the Democrat progressives are honest over who they are! Both kinds of progressives are selling the country out to acquire personal wealth and NONE of them really give a damn about the common man/woman!

Instapundit: The Politics Behind #Ferguson

Multiple leftist groups have joined the riots in Ferguson.

Clearly, there’s a political angle to this. With the left, there is always a political angle. 185 more words


The brewing civil war between the Democratic Party and Barack Obama

 Much has been written in the mainstream media over the last several years about the civil war in the Republican Party and it is not without merit. 428 more words


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Lets hope it continues!

The Treasury Inspector General has identified 2,500 documents that could show the IRS shared taxpayer information with the White House

  The investigation into the IRS targeting scandal may be about to heat up big time: Last week the IRS announced it miraculously found 30,000 of Lois Lerner’s supposedly lost emails… 436 more words


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Nothing unexpected here I'm sad to say!

Social Security, Medicare Open to Illegals Under Amnesty Plan

President Barack Obama’s plan to bring illegal immigrants “out of the shadows” will make millions of them eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits and likely allow them to eventually collect more than they have legally contributed, reports say.

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Illegal Immigration/illegal Aliens

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Except they do get to bring in their relatives!

Liberal dissonance

Ask not what your government can do for you, ask what it is doing to you.- Jerome Kingsbury

Once more we find the liberal idiocy of the Gun Free Zone never stops an individual hell bent on killing someone. 335 more words


Deutsche Bank’s Modest Proposal To Central Banks: “Purchase The Gold Held By Private Households”

Source: ZeroHedge

From Deutsche bank Behavioral Finance: Daily Metals Outlook … the idea of gold purchases has merit because of the possible sellers. Much gold is held in private households, especially in countries like Germany. 152 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

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