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October 22, 2014 – Where’s the Money Going…

Have you seen the pictures that students have been posting on the ‘Net showing how LITTLE they are getting for those fabulous Michelle Obama government provided school lunches?   142 more words


Yes, Yes ... it is only a coincidence

A coincidence is an occurrence of two or more events that appear mere chance.  Whenever there is a similar event three or more time, we may regard this as a striking coincidence.  518 more words

Affairs (Domestic)

Reality vs perceived Truth

Perhaps there really is something in the DC water that causes people residing there to blame everyone and anyone but themselves for what happens to them. 411 more words

Sour Liberal Mantras

[Video] Obama: Traitor Or Incompetent? Same Effect

That has increasingly become the question as his actions and decisions continue to baffle a great many including major figures in his own political party. The safety and interests of the United States continues to be compromised by the current resident of the White House in regards from everything from ISIS to illegal immigration to the Ebola threat. 787 more words


Criminalizing Innocent Christian Behavior

- by David Limbaugh -

Where are all the atheist freedom lovers we always hear about? It’s time for them to start standing up for religious liberty. 873 more words


Nearly Every Mass Shooting Has This One Thing In Common, And It Isn't Weapons

Whenever gun crimes are perpetrated, liberals love to point the finger of blame at law-abiding gun owners, but a list of mass shooters from the past 20 years proves that they all had one thing in common – and it wasn’t the weapons used.Evidence shows that the common factor in nearly every mass shooting is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful…

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2nd Amendment

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The progressives don't want to hear this --- for it's they that are a afraid of the guns for an armed citizenry if harder to control and bend to your wishes than a compliant dependent on government programs; in other words a modern day slave required to do what their masters want to keep receiving the benefits.