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Politico Magazine: Opinion: Richard Norton Smith: Nelson Rockefeller's Last Stand

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Politico Magazine: Opinion: Richard Norton Smith: Nelson Rockefeller’s Last Stand

To understand Nelson Rockefeller’s politics, you have to first understand the politics of the Republican Party up until 1966-67 or so. 425 more words

Republican Party

The Left's Endless and Unfair War on Scott Walker

Walker has been a great governor for Wisconsin but he made the mistake of proving that public employee unions are an arm of the Democratic Party so he’s public enemy #1 to many on the left. 204 more words


NC Democrat Refers to Republican Nikki Haley as a Whore

Don’t expect the liberal media cavalry to come charging over the hill about this. Insults made by liberals about conservative women don’t count.

Only Republicans can be found guilty in the supposed War on Women and if NC Senator Vincent Shaheen was a Republican, not only would the media force him to publicly apologize, his words would be indisputable proof that all Republicans are sexist pigs. 99 more words


Contra Traditionalists: Engaging With Tradition

With the close of the Synod of the Family, there is much discussion in the blogosphere about the outcomes.  My own post on St. Augustine… 667 more words

David Cruz-Uribe

A message for Americans

I posted this today in my daily email for my news sites, and I thought you guys might want to see it:

Folks, yesterday was a day tragedy. 358 more words