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Snacks Lunch and Dinner

Ok so after that gallon of shake for breakfast. 7.30am
How am I going to snack 2-3 hrs later ?
Well,  I managed 1 cream cracker, something is better than nothing. 94 more words

Day 1 breakfast OMG what have I taken on ?

Up at 7.30 am because I am excited
Wow to think I am going to start my day with Breakfast.
The first Breakfast in 40 years.   250 more words

PROJECT 10 Winner Brad Marsh: “I’ll never stop Challenging myself!"

By ViSalus @visalus

Some people walk the walk—Brad Marsh rides it. Two years ago at Vitality 2012, we celebrated the amazing accomplishments of 1-Star Ambassador Brad Marsh who rode his bike across Canada. 198 more words

Weight Loss

Super Brit is Fit?

The number of people with obesity in the UK has more than trebled in the last 25 years. UK doctors now say that the condition is reaching ‘epidemic’ proportions. 310 more words

Weight Loss Tips

100% Healthy Smoothies ..... Enjoy :)

       Here’s a HUGE list of 100% healthy smoothies! I hope it will be useful ;)


892 more words


July 9

Meet Ashley!
Message and JOIN me !

I love the challenge….Who do you know that needs to lose 10 pounds – Guaranteed results or your money back!Nothing to lose, but weight!Get Summer Ready!#Challenge #ViLife #Project10