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Changes from original planning

originally i was going to be basing my story more on a survival type where the main player has to advance through game play picking up rocks where underneath some coins may be located. 111 more words

Project 7

Project 7: Mind map 3

This is my final mind map of the type of characters I could have in my Interactive story. I created this to show the type of charcter I would need in my interactive story and how he/she will act towards the audience. 18 more words

Project 7

Project 7: Mind map 2

This is my second mind map. I created this second brainstorm to identify the the locations in which i could use in my interactive story. I will be using the green screen so therefore I can upload a background into the green screen background which will place the main character in a different location.

Project 7

Project 7: Production Scene list


This is my Scene list. I created the scene list to show me how many scenes I will need in the production of making my interactive story. 17 more words

Project 7

Project 7: Mind map 1

This is my first brainstorm which I talk about the story ideas for my interactive story.I have first set a certain genre of film then added things onto each of them. 26 more words

Project 7