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Moroccan and Rolling! -- Meredith Oldham, Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello Fellow Ad-VENTURA-ers!

Airstream building and painting is going full steam-ahead! The ol’ Beast is really coming along nicely, and the Moroccan theme is proving to be a tasteful theme for the Airstream. 529 more words


Amplify Student Voice through Digital Project-Based Learning

I often tell people that being a principal is one of the most inspiring jobs in the world.  I get to visit classrooms each day and see phenomenal teachers helping their students do extraordinary things.   248 more words

Minds on Media: Tools to Support Project-Based Learning

We’re excited to share our road map for success with project-based learning at Awakening Possibilities’ Minds on Media event! The right tools are key to supporting and enhancing the learning in your classroom, and here are a few of our favourite resources. 207 more words

Project-based learning on the iPad

I wanted to give my students a ‘real-life’ task to do to develop their English language skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking, and also their critical thinking skills.  517 more words


Designing the Makerspace - Practice what you Preach

Creating a Makerspace is almost as fun as using it. What a great exercise in design, creativity, and tinkering. The space should be, above all else, flexible. 609 more words

Innovation Space

Content Tied with a PBL Bow

A failed garden from last year fueled our current PBL. Many people ask teachers at my school, “How do you fit it all in? How do you fit content standards / content time into a PBL?

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Temperature Sensing Lunch Box

Spark Fun put out this awesome video that would make a great project.