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Last week a fellow IG member and I went to the Scratch Conference at MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a visual programming language developed by folks in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT and the Graduate School of Education at Harvard. 618 more words


A Call for Project-Based Learning Among #CAISCT Colleagues and Co-Investigators

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While many know the accomplishments of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment of African American soldiers, few know of the glory that Connecticut’s 29th Regiment achieved. 310 more words

21st Century Learning

Reflective Blog Post #3

As a teacher in a STEM field, I found this course to be invaluable for the resources it provided and concepts it helped me to explore. 307 more words

Improve Student Writing with This One Super Revision Strategy


Use this whole class lesson to help students learn how they are targets of advertisers. Get your students into the language of advertising and build an understanding of the propaganda techniques used to influence them to do things, feel things, and believe things that may or may not be good for them. 757 more words

21st Century Education


One of the projects that I intend on using in my own U.S. History class is something called the What If projects. Inspired by High Tech High School in San Diego, students are asked the question: 544 more words


Thank You Annie Fetter: How strangers can get us started and friends can cement the change

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As teachers, we don’t always know our impact unless our students come back and share with us.  762 more words


Project Based Learning At Home With Water Bottle Rockets

One of things I have noticed about Antoś (my five year old son) recently, is that he really thinks about planning his activities. A great example of this occurred on Saturday (right after we finished having a go at the… 553 more words