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What I Learned Today 09/17/2014

The Art of Problem Solving: Pre-Algebra

Today I learned how to make long problems easier. We focused on reviewing what I learned about addition then learned about multiplication. 384 more words


Building Real World Skills in a K-8 PBL School

One of our PBL PLC participants at ESSDACK today used some of her time with the group to brainstorm additional ideas and strategies to tighten up a project she’s done before: a K-8 CoffeeHouse event where students are given a budget, do all the planning for the event, and perform a musical piece, a poetry reading, or display their art one evening at their very own “coffee house.” All students in the school, K-8, are involved in planning, building, and hosting the event, so it’s kind of a big deal to this small community. 299 more words

LifePractice PBL

What I Learned Today 09/16/2014

Today I reviewed the different types of nouns and learned there were different kinds of pronouns. I also started learning about linking verbs. We did two long mad-lib type things for review. 156 more words

Language Arts

Affordances, Normalisation & Disruptive Innovation - A Principled Approach to Using Technology in ELT

This is a 16-20  minute read. There is a summary towards the bottom of the page.

In this post I look at the concepts of… 3,114 more words


Project-Based Learning

This week in class we have been asked to create a Project-Based Learning idea that we could use in our general content area. As someone who has not taught in a classroom setting yet I find these assignments to be very interesting, albeit slightly challenging as I do not yet have the experience of some of the other students. 570 more words

Wild About Wikis

Are Wikis still valuable classroom resources? I believe that they are. Check out the post below with my take on wikis and some great examples of Google Docs (my FAVORITE wiki) student-created projects. 10 more words

Digital Tools

The Joy of Project-Based Learning

Teaching can be a difficult job. We are constantly bombarded with gazillions of things to do, we make about 200 decisions per hour, we have to plan ahead, and we have to be present to the moment at hand. 255 more words