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Welcome to Competitive Smash! You suck. (My first SmashBros tournament experience)

Yesterday, I went to my first Super Smash Bros (Project M) tournament with a bunch of friends. It was a fun experience, if you could call getting your butt handed to you like you’ve never had before fun, and I’d recommend it to any Smash player who’s even thinking of getting serious.



I think I might get back into Melee. I mean, you never quit that game. You don’t ever stop being a Melee player. That shit is scientifically proven. 249 more words


Reuploaded the new ProjectBEST

If you downloaded ProjectBEST v2 soon after my announcement post on 3/4, you’ll need to redownload it cuz I oopsed. Sorry! The first upload causes crashing if you play as Ike and there were some things missing from the Random Stage Select screen. 14 more words


Updated my Project M custom build

Looks like ProjectBEST turned out to be mildly popular! Well, I’ve made an update to the build that adds a bunch of cool new stuff, such as two new stages! 53 more words


Day 52: Hugs for everyone

Today at school I was hugged by the same guy who jumped on my back. This guy also gave hugs to my friends. He’s very odd, but doesn’t seem too bad of a person. 41 more words