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I Heard It Through the Grapevine -- Self Certification of Business Systems

Despite the best of intentions web blogging this week has been sparse, my time filled with contract negotiations and responses to solicitations.  Most recently on my radar is the latest proposed DFARS rule to allow contractors to self-certify their business systems.  1,202 more words

Project Management

Improve Your Risk Performance

Mark Zuckerberg said “The biggest risk is not taking any risk…..in a world that’s changing really quickly; the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” 175 more words


Three project management software realities

With the hyper-focus on productivity in modern work spaces, project management and time management tools have proliferated. One-page scrolling websites boast products with the latest technology, the best UI, and the most effective communication systems. 141 more words


Define Your Project

Recently I was talking on the phone with a potential client about his media project. In this case, the Client had been considering many approaches from narrated PowerPoint to an interactive avatar as a means to provide critical healthcare information to patients. 441 more words


Waterfall vs Agile - Dessert Bake-off

A Thought Experiment: Waterfall vs. Agile Dessert Bake-Off

The waterfall software development process has its roots in the Manufacturing and Construction fields and holds one principle dear: “Wasted time equals wasted money.”  Thus, development focuses on concrete requirements in the early stages of development and easily identifiable milestones, then progresses sequentially through them.  668 more words


Take care…New Product Development Projects really are Different!

Product Development projects are different from other project types.  It’s doesn’t mean they’re better or more important, and it doesn’t mean the people who work on them are smarter.   952 more words

Project Management

Reduce risk by enhancing estimation!

I’ve frequently said that project management is about bringing predictability to uncertainty and while a lot of my writing focuses on managing the impacts of uncertainty through effective risk management, estimation is another area where uncertainty needs to be addressed. 408 more words

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