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Time flies and making stops when project planning an exhibition!

Where has the time gone?

I realise any attempts to make art work recently has pretty much ground to a halt. Peaks and troughs are inevitable but this one links primarily to the fact I’m project managing an exhibition in June for Making Art Work and my rather obsessional nature compels me to complete preparation and planning as early as possible. 234 more words


Why Blog about My Job Search

After 9 months of Job seeking and responding to countless adverts, talking with consultants almost all who say that I have wonderful skills and it should be no problem to find a job. 615 more words


10 Basics of Project Management

Most project managers are doing their work without knowing the substantial basics. The following link explains to you what are the basics that a Project Manager has to master. 32 more words

Project Management

New features Dashboard!

Planllo inspired by Kanban tool from Lean and Just In Time (JIT) production. Today, we have features Dashboard. You can see your activities, report your own project one by one and Monitor you project efficiency through lead and cycle time. http://goo.gl/eVQVRt


The Problem with Elephants

Everyone loves elephants. We love seeing them in their natural habitat. We celebrate them in stories, movies and books. There’s an entire field of children’s jokes devoted exclusively to elephants. 376 more words

Project Management