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Five factors that can go wrong with software development

I have been lucky enough to be involved in many software development projects and the best or worst thing about each project is that every project throws you in the deep end with a new challenge. 766 more words

Product Development

The Last Retrospective

In an ongoing agile endeavor, the practice for eliciting and applying freshly learned knowledge going forward is the periodic “retrospective” (aka periodic post-mortem to the “traditional” old fogeys). 179 more words


3 Major PM's Responsibilities

As a Project Manager, sometimes you forget that you are responsible not only to your customer, but also other stakeholders. This article tells you about your responsibilities to these stakeholders.

Project Management

New Project: A Guide To Project Management

I’m thrilled about a new project I’m working on: A Guide To Project Management. This is the type of project I’ve been thinking about for a while. 452 more words

Project Management

Cheap, Fast and Good - the Production dilemma


You may have heard this saying: Cheap, Fast and Good – Pick Two.  The saying is sometimes referred to as the production triangle or the production dilemma. 707 more words

Let's get started with the Project management

I have never been interested in writing during my school, college and unviersity time period. Since i have started my Masters in Project management at Chalmers University of Technology, i have got much more interested in it. 755 more words

Time flies and making stops when project planning an exhibition!

Where has the time gone?

I realise any attempts to make art work recently has pretty much ground to a halt. Peaks and troughs are inevitable but this one links primarily to the fact I’m project managing an exhibition in June for Making Art Work and my rather obsessional nature compels me to complete preparation and planning as early as possible. 234 more words