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5 Ways To Evaluate Your Project

You’ll be able to assess your achievements objectively and quickly.

  1. Compare schedule performanceUse the dashboards and reports produced by your project management software to compare what project tasks you actually did and how long they took against your original plans.
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A day in the life of… an Execview consultant ‘down under’!

EXACTLY how do you ensure that your clients are getting the most out of your product? We offer support and guidance, wherever the client may be. 568 more words

Open Governance Platform

What's in it for me?

You’ve been working long and hard on your project (Novel/Software Application/Workshop Pitch/Fill In the Blank). It’s colossal! It’s amazing! You’re ready to show it off to the world or at least your potential customers. 413 more words

Resources and Durations – how are they linked in MS PROJECT 2013!


very good friend of mine has a problem:

“Nenad, please help me. I want to have some Resources with different working hours (for Example, John 1 hour per day, Mary 2 hours per day), and when I assign Single Resource (for now) to the Task, I want duration to be changed. 186 more words


Is this why South Africans make great project managers?

One of the delights of taking part in the Success Stories Shared initiative is that you get to hear the stories from projects managers across a whole range of disciplines… 597 more words

Lessons Learned

The Risk Line: Understanding the Concept of Risk

For full article:  Project Post-Gazette, PG 201403

In order to fully understand how to manage risk within a deliverables  centered framework, a clear understanding of the word ‘risk’ needs to occur. 59 more words