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Self-organized Teams in Makkah

The idea of self-organized teams is simple: autonomous teams that take decisions and solve problems without waiting for gestures or inspirations from the operation mastermind… 470 more words

Project Management

PM to Agile Coach Mindshift

In my last post, “Five Steps for a Recovering Project Manager“, I listed the steps I have been taking to transition from traditional project management approaches to agile methods.   72 more words


What's the best way to make clients successful?

Education is the best way to make clients successful.

It’s no secret that solid requirements are an essential part of a successful project. When working with users who are not completely familiar with what an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system can do, it is tough for them to truly articulate their requirements. 105 more words

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Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase

Come see Jackie Zahn presenting live at the Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase on Tuesday,  August 5, 2014!

How Asynchronous Face-to-Face Communication (AF2F) Can Improve SME Relationships… 222 more words


Identifying Project Risks

There are potential events you know about (i.e. known risks). There are potential events that you have no idea about (i.e. unknown risk). It is important to uncover as many known risks (both threats and opportunities) as possible to avoid costing the project time and money. 578 more words

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What Has the Power to Stop Your Project?

My friend Katherine is a “Do-It-Yourself” project queen.  She tackles these amazing projects that most people would avoid and hire out.  And, she isn’t scared to ask for help.  198 more words

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Helping the team play better

I like watching sports and sometimes I get excited and yell at the players on TV. My wife always asks me if I think that they can hear me or if I am actually helping them to play better. 166 more words

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