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Project Proposal/Pam Hulvey

My final project is a traditional interview of a man who has had a remarkable life, Fowler Connell.  This project is titled, “Highlights from the Life of Fowler Connell.  361 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal - Monica Chapman

The Windy City Scat is an interactive story of the history of jazz in Chicago. New and old Jazz fans a like can learn more about the history of this music genre and also get to view the Jazz scene that is still around today. 732 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal - Ours and Theirs

A photo exploration of bodies and the relationship between human and animal; what is living and what is consumable?

I aim to produce 12 double exposed images, each one representing a different cut of meat – rump, shank, fillet. 27 more words


Mirrorcity at the Hayward gallery

I am a strong believer in the power of serendipity. I used to give lots of talks and lectures on the principles of innovation, and one of the top tips was to create situations for yourself in which serendipity can happen. 672 more words


Project Proposal: Psychosocial Look at the Guatemalan Society

Since the beginning of the class, I have been interested in choosing topics that has to do with my personal background; an Indonesian not knowing what was happening in the country’s darkened past, not knowing the real history and only knew the propaganda version of history from the military regime of the New Order. 771 more words

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Szilvia Finali - Project Proposal

The Evolution of the Digital Music Industry

- Project Proposal -

The internet is a musical genius. It is the Harry Potter of the music industry. 754 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal - "Second City Sneakers"

Kelli Woods

October 13, 2014

Comm 400 Proposal

How would you like to be able to work SMARTER, not HARDER?

Various websites, such as Instagram and Facebook, have pages created to host the selling and buying of “exclusive” sneakers (i.e. 778 more words

Project Proposal