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Omeka Project

My groups’ Omeka project is on the historical development of transgender psychology in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. We are going to be looking at Orlando… 317 more words

Omeka Proposal: Wide Sargasso Sea and Women's Madness

The topic for our group’s Omeka research project is women’s madness as it relates to Wide Sargasso Sea. We will be exploring some different aspects of this topic. 259 more words

Literature as Art: Project Proposal

My group decided to take a look at surrealism as our project for this class. Our overall goal is to create a timeline that compares forms of high art (paintings, theater) with low art (film, playbills, etc.) with some of the novels we’ve read for class. 165 more words

Project Proposal: Cultural Representation of High Fidelity

My group is still trying to work out everything we want to accomplish with the Omeka website. I know we would love to touch on all of the music references, and compare what was referenced in the novel to what was happening during those time periods. 280 more words

Project Proposal

Plan A: I am going to be recording a high school jazz band from Herbert Hoover High School. I have recorded this band in the past, but I would like to rerecord some areas that were out of tune such as the bass and the trumpets. 107 more words

Audio Production