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Project Proposal: "Paris in Film"

For my Video Essay Project for the Creative Writing: Introduction to Multimedia Composition course, I would like to focus on how Paris, France is depicted in films. 407 more words

Article for Thursday Workshop - Relationship Between US and Guatemala & Update on Project Investigation

1. Link For Thursday Workshop:

Below is the link of an article that describes the reality of Guatemala, and the US foreign policy in Guatemala. It describes briefly and chronologically the early history of Guatemala, its connection with the U.S including the CIA and the exploitative neocolonialism through banana monopolization (which reminds me of the art that I saw in our Guggenheim field trip and Jessica Kaire’s… 197 more words

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History of ISIS: Nine Months in the Media Spotlight

This will be a research based project where I explore the development and history of ISIS and the perspective of the news media. 435 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Portable Folding Clothes Machine

Team : Group 13 (chefhci)

Problem Statement :

Nowadays, a normal income of an employee to support a family is very hard, due to such situation both father and mother have a career and work to support the family expenses. 369 more words


Project Proposal/Pam Hulvey

My final project is a traditional interview of a man who has had a remarkable life, Fowler Connell.  This project is titled, “Highlights from the Life of Fowler Connell.  361 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal - Monica Chapman

The Windy City Scat is an interactive story of the history of jazz in Chicago. New and old Jazz fans a like can learn more about the history of this music genre and also get to view the Jazz scene that is still around today. 732 more words

Project Proposal

Project Proposal///Latest version

Project Proposal

1. Working Title

‘Decoding Thai-isation trough craft’

2. Aims+Objectives

My research focuses on what makes an object a distinctive product of Thai culture. I aim to discover the identifying features of the formal design of everyday objects in Thailand and the way that ideas drawn from street crafts could be used in other contexts and to create method for design by using cultural identity as means for design. 1,174 more words

** Unit 1 Assessment