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MA Project proposal 1.5

I have been looking again at all of the key themes and contexts which have been in the four drafts of my proposal so far. I want, for version 1.5, to create something which pulls out these main threads into something core which runs through them and which encapsulates what has been underneath what I have been making towards the end of term. 829 more words


Project Proposal

You can see my detail scenes in story board.

Story board

Proposed time sequence :

#1 : 8 seconds

#2 : 8 seconds

#3 : 9 seconds… 8 more words

Project Proposal

Boundaries of reality

I’ve been mulling over the place where my new proposal is at over the week ‘off’ from college work to bake cake. I think I have an idea of how to combine the key ideas I’m working with – which come from all 4 versions of my proposal so far! 103 more words


Personal Brief Proposal Form

Children’s Storybook

Brief: For this brief, you will need to create at least one children’s storybook. The book must be coloured and the story must be…

87 more words
Project Proposal

Week 7: 11/12/2014

No Assignments were given for this week.

1)Went through the comic strips.

3)Student is able to login to his Gmail account using his phone.

4)Student can accurate type address on GPS application. 66 more words

Project Proposal


My concept is to Look at the world  from Sherlock’s point of view.
He is smart, cool, genius than others.

I would describe him using geometric patterns, numbers and shapes. 37 more words

Project Proposal


This is the storyboard of my new title sequence of “Lost In Austen”. I want to express about time travel in the book. So I use the clock and book for the mediators of my video. 48 more words

Project Proposal