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Age: 19

I risk coming off as weird but alas nobody even knows me so I’m more or less guarded na?? So here’s what: I’m an Indian college student (boy) and I rag a lot of my juniors.. ¬† 372 more words



Age: 16

Short and precise. To everyone who’s reading this.. I just fell into the ¬†Friend Zone! Feeling so pathetic. Can’t even console myself really. I loved her so much but she instead opted for the jerk that my classmate is!! 387 more words



Age: 17

My boyfrnd broke up wid me on Valentine’s day!!! It’s supposed to be a happy day ryt?? Turns out it was sad fr me :( On top of it, he was making fun of it and me wid his friends too and everybody was laughng.. 349 more words