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Video/project Mapping

For my concept of using the Jewish book burning in nazi Germany I have decided to use video mapping to create my effect, my aim is to project map fire onto a typographically created book to simulate the burnings in Germany, however instead of destroying good literature the video mapping will create a simulation so that you can take the book away from the stand with perfectly crafted type and not a mark left on it.  116 more words

Tapis Magiques by Miguel Chevalier


Magic Carpets 2014
Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation
Music : Michel Redolfi
Software: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret
50 x 10 m / 164.04 x 32.81 ft…

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Pest Control II : INFESTATION by Squidsoup


Documentation of an interactive installation primarily aimed at children by digital arts group Squidsoup - commissioned by, and first shown in 2012 at, DMU Cube, Phoenix Square, Leicester.

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Tearing Shadows by Robert Seidel


Tearing Shadow is a new projection sculpture by Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel. Fragments of projection, sculpture and sounds perforate the gallery space, allowing the viewer to create endlessly varied audio-visual compositions by wandering around, essentially becoming a part of the artwork itself.

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for(){}; by Brent Watanabe & Cable Griffith


In for(){};, there is no beginning or end to the game, just collecting and wandering, birthing and consuming, an arbitrary point system rising until your inevitable death and the birth of another generation.

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Pasefika at Circa theatre

Now that the New Zealand Festival season has wrapped up here are some pics I took as we built the show during rehearsal. Lots of projection, lots of wicked sound, strong design!