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Real-time face tracking and projection mapping

Everyone is posting this, but I don’t care. It looks good and maybe you only follow my blog (not true for anyone in the world…). 33 more words



Using highly precise light projectors and a 3D scanning technology, visual artist Nobumichi Asai is creating impressive projection mapping effects on a model´s face.

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WATCH: Face-Mapping Projection Tech Is Jaw-Dropping!

This model is serving face — like at least a half dozen of them.

Thanks to new cutting-edge technology that maps facial regions and projects stunning CGI-like visuals accordingly, the future of make-up might be forever changed. 41 more words

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Projection Mapping Comes To Tokyo Disneyland 「ワンス・アポン・ア・タイム」

When I first learned about projection mapping at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida (USA) I was ecstatic to say the least. This new concept working on relatively basic principles would transform the iconic castle that we all know and love into something unlike we have seen before. 289 more words

Tokyo Disney

Interactive digitally augmented spaces

The MIDAS Project is a synesthetic exploration of traditional artistic performance and digital art. It devises an interactive projection mapped space for the creative arts. Using the latest tracking technology, the space learns and reacts to performance, allowing the artist to explore new improvised choreography live and in time. 152 more words