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Video Projection Mapping for More Engagement and Excitement

You may be new to video projection mapping, but it is no more new for many. A lot of individuals, technology experts and businesses are using this engaging technology in a number of ways. 458 more words

3d Video Mapping

Gassing up

I’ve always been a fan of projection mapping, and always wanted to get the opportunity to use it at work, but it’s usually limited by having to do it in an area that it is easily mapped and has excellent light control (and, cost too, it definitely ain’t cheap).

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Amazing Projection Mapping inside Hala Stulecia

Projection Mapping became a big hit in the past few years, and many brands use it for making cool looking ads outside over big buildings. Basically they all use the same shticks: Changing what you see in windows, making bricks fall down, or making part of the building explode.

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Virtual Cinematography and Total Cinema

From Ed Zajac’s wireframe – the first 3d animated model – (1963) to James Cameron’s Avatar (2010) CGI is less than 50 years old. But look how far we’ve come! 2,191 more words

Glastonbury, The Temple iPhone Video.

Better video to follow, but here is some footage from off my iPhone:


The Pandoras Box Story: Project Runway

Technology has been slowly infiltrating the wonderful world of glitz and glamour: Fashion. From spray-on clothing to 3D printing dresses, science and vogue have been making brilliant collaborations. 27 more words