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small reno, big changes: week five renos

More from guest-posters, Jessica and Emma. This week, more painting and looking ahead to the tilework.



As mentioned in Week Four, we added some more painting for Clint and Lyle – extending the Poolside Blue to the front door. 566 more words


How we work

ArtWorks has an exhibit called “How We Worked” from the Smithsonian on display. I helped get volunteers to set it up and also to be docents for the exhibit. 356 more words


Gogol: The Preservation of Russian Culture

Many of Gogol’s works are rooted in Russian folklore, adapting elements of traditional stories in order to keep them alive for a modern world. Elements of the supernatural which were highly present in Russian peasant culture, such as the devil, paganism, and witches recur throughout his works. 1,868 more words


Une Petite Rédaction Française

Un événement de ma famille que se passe était ma fête de cérémonie de remise des diplômes. La fête a été au cours de l’été dernier, après l’école termine. 243 more words


The Personal and Cultural Implications of Language


Speakers of different languages have inherently different worldviews, due to the structures of their respective languages. The way in which a language is grammatically structured, as well as the way in which the language conjugates verbs, and the available vocabulary all play a significant role in forming an individual speaker’s way of conceptualizing their world. 2,935 more words


Agricultural Practices and their Implications for Human Health: Subsistence Strategies for a Healthier and More Sustainable Future


The onset of agriculture is generally viewed as a positive achievement, sparking the advent of advanced tool use, superior nutrition, and the formation of civilization. 3,227 more words