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Weekend Project

I’ve been wanting some bright crochet bunting to go on my plain bedroom wall for as long as I can remember. I finally got tired enough of looking at white to do something about it. 120 more words


#101CreativeDays - Day 1 - ¿Donde Está mi Baño Seco?

I’m finally getting around to sorting my 5000+ (!!!!) photos from the recent volunteer experience in Chiapas and subsequent vacation in Mexico. Here’s a little sneak peak of the things that are coming through. 329 more words


Not Quite STL

It’s time to get to business with some coding concepts! Starting off with basic algorithms and data structures in a project I would like to call the Not Quite Standard Template Library, which is of course a parody on the Standard Template Library (STL) from the C++ programming language. 646 more words


Varying Workloads, freedom, and independence

This week I’ve come to enjoy the freedom my VISTA position offers me. I can choose my own projects, workload, and meetings. The independence to work on projects of interest has led me to create three projects so far. 154 more words


Program Year 2014-2015, Opening Meeting


This meeting launched the Garden Gnome Society in a room filled with statuettes of gnomes. This creative approach will take the Unit through the entire year in a second and parallel identity, enabling members to practice the many steps required to create and manage an organization following Robert’s Rules of Order. 142 more words


The Interim Painter Arrangement: Benefitting Your People, Departments and Organization

In July, I helped a painter friend find a skilled commercial painter to take over his job, during his long rehabilitation from a work injury. One month earlier, Scott (not real name) had suggested the interim arrangement to the hotel management as a solution. 953 more words

Problems And Solutions

And We’re Back…

..Or more correctly put, I’m back. And now I remember why exactly I took a month off in the first place. Fall is going to be… 310 more words