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My year of color

Firstly: You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the likes, the follows and the encouragement. Between this blog and my poetry one I can’t keep up with the notifications. 260 more words


29 Goals...

Well… it’s that time again where I am trying to figure out what goals I need to come up with for my next year’s goals. I like to have a mix of projects and seemingly attainable goals. 230 more words


Project #1: I Write Your Content

Idea: A website you can use to hire ghostwriters. Only it’s just me. And I wouldn’t do it for free.

Problem I think it solves: 449 more words


Shift Register Board Rev C - Vias everywhere!

Hindsight is 20/20, that’s for sure.

I’m currently waiting for Revision B of my 74HC595 Shift Register Boards in the mail. I’m eager to get them because they’re my first manually routed boards so I want to see if they turn out right. 315 more words


Beauty of a Woman

**This is the 1st post in my creative self portrait series, which I felt would be fitting to start on my 35th birthday today.**

Photo Art

Casting Call: We need contestants for The #PenguinDatingGame!

Hey Tinkerers!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and we were talking about what Peter’s significant other might look like.  Some of us are of a generation that looked to Chuck Woolery to help those poor souls find a perfect mate on The Love Connection and later on The Dating Game, so voila… introducing… 110 more words


Creating a VB Interface for Arduino Tutorial Website Update!

When I put up the “Interfacing Arduino with Visual Basic Tutorial” website, there was a lot of pressure from people to put up information on this topic so I didn’t put a lot of effort into the website itself. 363 more words