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I interrupt the backpack journal for a message: HAPPY EASTER!!

As known (here and here), I celebrate Easter by having my parents hide painted and chocolate eggs in the yard. 277 more words



I’ve been having a huge disagreement with my Kauni. One three quarters done knit shawl and three crochet false starts later… I’m trying again with just the most basic of granny square patterns from memory. 161 more words


Backpack (intermediate 3)

After almost finishing the outside of the backpack, I decided to work a little more on the inside of the backpack. I had made the lining first, but found out that it didn’t really fit that well inside so I had to redo some bits. 145 more words


Part 3: Colour

Project: What makes a colour

Exercise: Control the strength of a colour

Take a sequence of pictures of a strong definite colour, all composed exactly the same but differently exposed from bright to dark. 38 more words


Crowd funding campaign perks.”Bring a school to life” project

Unforeseen risks + taxes + shipping = 20% + 5% + 30% = 55%

55% * N2,500,000 = N1,375,000, N2,500,000 + N1,375,000 = N3,875,000/ 162.27 = $23,879… 331 more words


Gippsland Alcohol and Other Drug-Community Correctional Services Neuropsychology Project | Final Evaluation Report

Gippsland Alcohol and Other Drug-Community Correctional Services Neuropsychology Project

Provision of Neuropsychological Assessments for Alcohol and Other Drug Clients with Community Corrections Involvement Pilot Project. 6 more words


Celebrate Easter With An Easy DIY Bee House

Happy Easter!

To celebrate the warm springtime weather we’ve been having… I had a go at making some new bee houses.

These little hole-filled boxes provide safe sites for lots of insects, especially solitary bee species, who love to lay their eggs in the pre-drilled tunnels. 137 more words