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Ribbit's summer fun

I was so bored out of my mind, with all my friends having left town for the holidays, plus zero motivation to do any work and it was too hot to go out, I thought I would try something different today: 313 more words


Book Two Progress


Today’s blog is strictly informational. 

Much progress has been made in the past week with regards to UNGUARDED, Book Two in the “Faces of the War” collection. 162 more words


After a long day, have you ever wish to just fart and float home?

I think I am having enough of writing and might as well let my pen do the talking. And this is the result for today.


Found Chair

On Saturday, on their way to my house, my parents saw a woman putting this chair out on the curb.  They asked about it and she told them to take it. 241 more words


What a Weekend! (And Month!)

This weekend proved to be a small representation of our July. Packed to the gills with fun and house stuff. It included a birthday party, a relative visit, home projects, and lots of cooking! 96 more words


Season 2 of Finding Your Roots

Season 2 of Finding Your Roots  looks really good, I can’t wait! It Debuts on PBS on September 23. For more information visit pbs.org. Watch a preview below.


Day 29: My Favorite Weather

Today’s challenge was kind of calming for me. I really like drawing like this, even though I really don’t do it very frequently. Which may change in the near future. 211 more words