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Turning to Mush

The kids are back in their school routines, which means I get to have some much needed alone time.   By “alone time”, I mean “I can get things done uninterrupted and without playing the referee”. 85 more words


Projects And Suggestions For Decorating Your Home

There is no doubt that the Web is an excellent supply of inspiration … In Colornspice dedicate considerably of our time not only to create our own tasks, but it also inspired us tips that we see in the ne2rk, so funny and full websites tips like Pinterest (you can adhere to colornspice h… … 7 more words

Decorating Ideas

In Sickness and Health

The photo to the left pretty much represents how I feel. Meet Tohru (the girl) and Kyo (the cat) from the Japanese anime and manga… 444 more words


Boston Dynamic's Wildcat

Sorry, I’ve been slow with the posts. Ran into a lot of homework and I’m still working on teaching myself C++ programming. Once again, if anyone wants to talk about C++, feel free to shoot me an email at ccs.simmons@gmail.com. 76 more words

Kinder Egg Filament Cleaner

My 3d printer will sometimes goes unused for periods of time (gasp!) I was having some clogging issues and thought that maybe dust could be the cause (the printer shares the mud room with the dog crate, so, you know, dust can be an issue.) My solution was to make a simple filament cleaner using a Kinder Egg capsule that I had lying around (I can’t bring myself to through them out – too handy!) What’s a Kinder Egg you ask? 219 more words


Shorts and Strikingly White Skin

I love springtime. It’s a time of new beginnings, baby leaves, grass taking on that green color again, shorts, and the sun opening business for tanning again. 337 more words