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The Kitchen, a Year Later

I think this room deserves some side by sides:

I love how the green makes the cabinets seem brighter.   I also love Henry’s photobomb.

Now, I love me some beadboard but this?   259 more words


bkb, a program to control keyboard/mouse with eyes

bkb is a program to control keyboard/mouse with eyes It supports TobiiREX and EyeX eye trackers, The Eye Trybe eye tracker, and any device that can move a mouse cursor (e.g. an airmouse).


Methodology, managers, and projects

When working on a project there are a few different ways to manage those projects. One is the traditional waterfall approach, which is your top down project where you have to use Gantt charts to figure out how long you think it’s going to take up front, where you’re given a set date that can’t change without a lot of effort to do a certain amount of poorly defined requirements, and a set amount of money to do the project. 630 more words


Tree of light - Installation

A sound and light prototype installation that used a combination of Arduino boards controlled lights and soundscape that run parallel to each other. The project explores the themes of nature vs man but with the goal of not just creating a stark contrast between the two themes. 390 more words


Foray Into Film: Day 23

One of the most valuable lessons I am taking from this project is understanding the importance of…timing. I was shooting on Blackfriars Bridge earlier in the week, getting an evening shot of the Thames and the Shard. 400 more words


B2D2: Box2D Time Dilation Experiment


For the last few weeks, amongst many other things, I’ve been toying with the idea of adding time dilation mechanics to the 2D physics engine… 1,034 more words


Up the Amazon

This is proving an education in so many ways. ‘Head of the Beast’ is now available on Amazon, and I shall be adding the heavily revised editions of ‘Sky Full of Stars’ and ‘Falling Through the Stars eBooks in the next two weeks. 223 more words