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I'm Anti-Rabbit. It's True.

Sometimes I feel left out of my family because I don’t have the ability to conjure something out of nothing. My dad can build houses and decks and rock walls like it’s nothing. 799 more words


Mr. Jimmy's Sissy Bar.

A custom Old Skool sissy bar built for Mr. Jimmy to put on his Softail.


Quick Project: Washi Paper Origami Drawers

I found this on ebay, felt nostalgic, bought it on impulse and made it. :)



A bit over a year ago we had some work done on the outside of our church.  In the process the sign by our parking lot door was taken down.   133 more words


VirtualBox working again

I finally had time to look into my problems with VirtualBox. Apparently the issue was with the download from virtualbox.org. After uninstalling, I replaced the old download with a file directly from Oracle and reinstalled. 233 more words


Still Getting Personal

Hopefully, you’re getting some work done on your personal projects this summer. Well, hopefully you’re getting a lot of paying work, too, but it’s the personal stuff that keeps you going, keeps you motivated. 250 more words

JerseyStyle Photography

Everything you ever wanted to know about asteroids but were too afraid to ask

Check out this brilliant poster blog by the Planetary Resources team. It explains everything you need to know about asteroids. We recently launched a project to hunt for asteroids in collaboration with them. 19 more words

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