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III. Uncut Diamonds

“We have nothing, if not belief.”
– Sir Reepicheep, Chief Mouse of Narnia

“Do the arithmetic or be doomed to talk nonsense.”
– John McCarthy, A.I. 4,665 more words

Life on the Edge

In this essay we will be examining the ability of life to withstand some of the most extreme and “inhospitable” locations known to man. In specific we will be discussing many different extremophiles but with an emphasis on halophiles. 164 more words

Biological Diversity

Microbial community organisation and functioning under ocean acidification conditions

Since industrialisation global CO2 emissions have increased, and as a consequence oceanic pH is predicted to drop by 0.3-0.4 units before the end of the century – a process coined ‘ocean acidification’ (OA). 222 more words


Effects of elevated carbon dioxide and salinity on the microbial diversity in lithifying microbial mats

Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) are rising at an accelerated rate resulting in changes in the pH and carbonate chemistry of the world’s oceans. However, there is uncertainty regarding the impact these changing environmental conditions have on carbonate-depositing microbial communities. 191 more words


Combined effects of different CO2 levels and N sources on the diazotrophic cyanobacterium Trichodesmium

To predict effects of climate change and possible feedbacks, it is crucial to understand the mechanisms behind pCO2 responses of biogeochemically relevant phytoplankton species. Previous experiments on the abundant N2-fixer Trichodesmium demonstrated strong pCO2 responses, which were attributed to an energy reallocation between its carbon and nitrogen acquisition. 231 more words


Trichodesmium's strategies to alleviate P-limitation in the future acidified oceans

Global warming may exacerbate inorganic nutrient limitation, including phosphorus (P), in the surface-waters of tropical oceans that are home to extensive blooms of the marine diazotrophic cyanobacterium, … 169 more words


School is for the... MICROBES!!!

These next few days are dedicated to the study of microorganisms. I have a test over prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and viruses, basically bacteria, fungi, protista, and viruses…I feel comfortable with the eukaryotes and viruses but prokaryotes worry me a bit. 49 more words