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Today it is widely known that one of the smallest and most abundant living organisms on earth go by the name, “prokaryotes.” These microorganisms have been the center of much scientific investigation. 1,165 more words


Millennial-scale ocean acidification and late Quaternary decline of cryptic bacterial crusts in tropical reefs

Ocean acidification by atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased almost continuously since the last glacial maximum (LGM), 21 000 years ago. It is expected to impair tropical reef development, but effects on reefs at the present day and in the recent past have proved difficult to evaluate. 212 more words


The future of coral reef algae: how ocean acidification, elevated temperatures and nutrient enrichment affect algae

Benthic algae are an important part of coral reef ecosystems, providing food and shelter for many organisms. However, algae are also powerful competitors for space. Their interactions with reef-building corals are of particular interest, as coral reef health is influenced by both herbivores and the dynamics of coral-algal interactions. 796 more words