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2015 Beginner's Guide to Blogging, Content is King, Proliferation is Queen

In all of Social Media we have heard the phrase, “Content is King” meaning that people are attracted to your verbiage when you have something informative or interesting to say. 137 more words


from wikipedia:

It is widely accepted that mimicry evolves as a positive adaptation. The lepidopterist and writer Vladimir Nabokov argued that although natural selection might stabilize a “mimic” form, it would not be necessary to create it. 349 more words


asexual mutant

from wikipedia

“The cost was first described in mathematical terms by John Maynard Smith.[8] He imagined an asexual mutant arising in a sexual population, half of which comprises males that cannot themselves produce offspring. 145 more words


quorum sensing, the waggle dance etc.

a lot of stuff copied out wikipedia. quorum sensing and the waggle dance – the theme is emergence

emergence is hopeful

kafka said there’s hope but not for us… 983 more words


live oaks

gigantic live oaks in northern florida. dripping with swamp moss. dripping with moisture. moisture collecting in the joints of the branches forming miniature ponds. bromeliads residing on the branches. 28 more words


Warehousing God II...but no Jesus...an Easter meditation in August

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original…sometimes not. Same theme, let’s run it through again.

This time, let’s keep Jesus in the tomb. Keep that stone rolled across the entrance. 302 more words

The Empty Tomb