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Between black and white is moderation

A balancing act, thus requires keen observation

I walk along the lines of proliferation




Russia warns Ukraine against missile technologies proliferation

By Xinhua on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Russia on Monday drew Kiev’s attention over media reports that a Ukrainian military-space enterprise had allegedly been negotiating with third countries on missile technology sale. 258 more words

Defence Talk

La densidad de células importa en cáncer

Las interacciones que tienen lugar en los tumores entre las propias células tumorales, las células sanas del paciente, las células del sistema inmune y sus productos, como las citoquinas, son especialmente complejas. 127 more words


Host cells type and density matter in tumors

The interactions between dysregulated tumor cells and the immune cells from the host are quite complex. There is a constant communication between different types of cells (tumor cells, tissue cells, immune cells) via its products, such as cytokines. 103 more words


Yes, Obama Really Is Worried About a Manhattan Nuke

President Obama invoked a bracing image responding to a question about the threat Russia poses to America while speaking at a nuclear-security summit in Brussels on Tuesday. 777 more words

Pandora's Promise

I MAY HAVE spent the past half year studying (non)proliferation and all things nukes-related (more later on the NSS which is taking place in The Hague at the time of writing), one issue remains, to me, wholly confusing and ambiguous. 775 more words

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What if Ukraine still had nuclear weapons?

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a fallacious (and irresponsible) editorial, in which it claimed that “[o]ne lesson to the world of Russia’s cost-free carve-up of Ukraine is that nations that abandon their nuclear arsenals do so at their own peril.” While not exactly claiming that rampant global proliferation would make the world a more secure place, the idea that certain countries depend for their security upon either their own or someone else’s ability to annihilate the world is presented without a hint of irony.

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