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If you follow the blog, you know that I’m considering some changes to the way my story flows, especially concerning the world in which my story takes place. 543 more words


The Query Process: Obstacles

I sent out my first query letter last week, and I was filled with such relief that it was over and anxiety about hearing back that I took the next day to just stare at my email and decompress. 169 more words



Hi, my name is Andrea Rosada.

I’m an architect based in Turin, Italy, and I’ve had the chance to do a PhD research at the Politecnico di Torino. 101 more words


My Blog Policy

Hey, Good Day.!

Few words about my ambitious venture. I must admit, I am not an ardent writer in any sense. I like reading extensively. I will be presenting my views on various matters, as I felt. 34 more words


WIP Excerpt: Prologue

WIP excerpt  –  Prologue  (Raelea Hiller)  The coming of the Chameleons, the Great Exile, and the formation of the Protection. This is how it all began… 1,177 more words


Chapter One



Fall, 2013


The small blockhouse stood alone on a rocky path, almost a hundred meters off the main dirt road that continued down into the Federally Administered Tribal Area in Pakistan just over a kilometer away. 4,208 more words


Wishing Well - Prologue

I might be busy tomorrow, so I’m skipping Teaser Tuesday. This Friday is the cover reveal and I planned on revealing the prologue, as well, but why not just do it now? 797 more words