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The Meeting

“No, he doesn’t know a thing”, the girl said.

She had black hair tied up and transparent eyes of the deepest shade of red like the color of rust.   642 more words


Elemental Magic Prologue

Hi there! I am writing an Epic novel. Slowly, but surely. It’s been coming a while now. I am sharing with ya’all my prologue. I want to see if there is any response, and if so, I will share a chapter a week. 1,299 more words

To Conquer Boredom

So it is about that time again.  The end of another week.  Time to swear off/drastically moderate my intake of another item that is bad for me in what I am now calling my prologue to working out.   272 more words


Book - Prologue

I started writing a book recently, and this is the prologue. Just to make you guys curious ;)


The light was dim, smoke lay thick, the air smelled of beer, the voices of the football supporters too loud and the music too soft to hear inside the pub. 473 more words


A New Mission

Prologue – Part III

The rain had subsided. I was unsure whether it was a trick of my companion and his colleagues or merely the given course of nature. 913 more words



Lets put aside everything you know about the world, all the knowledge you assign a label of hard facts to. Done? Good. Now let me tell you about a very special world, my world. 349 more words



The leaves were a rustic color on the leaf-bearers above her. It was beginning to get colder in the north, and the heavy snows would be descending soon. 2,140 more words