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of essays and other delinquency

one of my favorites, the author of the bestselling children’s book of all time, Charlotte’s Web, Elwyn Brooks White, edited and reissued the writer’s guide written by his professor at Cornell, Strunk.   257 more words


Propaganda or PR: Which works better on you?

i don’t feel a need to criticize this generation, i think y’all are jealous, and i think they are more understanding and i think it is because their mind is not muddled by disinformation campaigns, propaganda is strictly aimed at The Second Millenial minds, it doesn’t work anymore… 24 more words


Prologue: The Beginning of Life

He gasped for a ragged strand of breath laced with red mucous, as if rising to the surface of a bloody ocean. His weary legs limped against the black dirt like rotting trees in the dark forest, with a dying, ruby sky penetrating through the dead tree branches. 1,074 more words

Monochrome Dream

Goodbye Prologue ... 56,000 words

So I took a major executive decision. A large literary axe was drawn and brought firmly down on my prologue. It’s been a flab of wordy flesh dangling off the novel for months and although the backstory is important it turns out it can be incorporated later on in the story without much difficulty and besides, agents hate them, readers skip them and every single article I read about them over the past year has been desponding about them. 79 more words


First Page Review Blog-hop

This post is for the October First Page Review Blog-hop, though anyone who shows up here is more than welcome to comment.  This is how it works: post the first 1,000 pages of something you’ve written or are currently working on, then sign up on… 1,105 more words