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[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Arya IV


Yoren and company reach a river, but cannot find a crossing, so Yoren decides to go north and hire a boat at a nearby town to cross to Harrentown. 1,345 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

Fair Is Foul

The opening scene of Macbeth introduces the iconic Three Witches (called “witches” only in the stage directions and dialogue tags—in the play itself they are the “Weird Sisters”), so familiar they are a cliché—especially these very first lines of the play. 1,119 more words


Nuclear Northern Lights Prologue Volume 2: Time Flies

Welcome back to Nuclear Northern Lights! I know there are probably a lot of questions floating through your mind. Why did it take me 12 months to upload another chapter? 2,672 more words


ASOIAF- A Feast of Crows p. 1-100

As we begin A Feast of Crows, we have to ask: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!? WHAT’S GOING ON!? AAAAHHHH!!!!!! 468 more words

A Song Of Fire And Ice

Engineer’s Log: Mid-December Update

Ready for an update? It has been a good week! As you may know, last Friday I posted up the first chapter of A Contract in Azure and Indigo… 403 more words



 I stand there as I watch this creature kill my sister I can’t do anything because I am frozen.

Frozen in fear. I watch as she slowly slips away into nothing. 413 more words


Writing is HARD - Day 3

It’s Day 3 . .  and honestly, I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far ’cause I have a very short attention span.

By everyone’s advice, Chapter 1 seems more like a prologue so a prologue, it is! 111 more words