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Prologue I: The Craven II

DeadApe: Try to grab whatserface and run out of cave. If I cant manage to take her with me, i leave her and run. After all I am a coward. 1,112 more words



What usually happens when I take on a new project is that I work super hard on it for some time,and then get bored and forget it and move on to something else leaving it unfinished (just like the next one would probably be left).This is the reason that though I know I love to write,and yes,I have a LOT to write about,I was hesitant to start a blog, to commit to something again. 108 more words


The Archer Queen

The Archer Queen on wattpad.com is my first Hobbit Fanfiction.


Cassandra is a trained assassin, knight and a personal bodyguard to Lord Dain of the Iron Hills. 69 more words

Archer Queen

My Writing: Part 2 Of Chapter 3

When I was writing my other post on ‘Editing Chapter 3 Once More’I decided to add this part also.  I think I am finish editing these paragraphs,  But never know with me, I could always find something wrong.  1,477 more words

My Writing

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Connecticut, 2000

THE OUTLINE OF a petite woman dressed in a gauche ensemble grew bigger as she walked toward Cai. He inwardly groaned, … 1,341 more words


Prologue I: The Craven


The cold bit through Brandon’s leather tunic, his full plate of armor left behind. They had been riding for several hours and had gone farther than either of them ever had from home before. 1,299 more words


LISTEN to the recording of #StarWars "A New Dawn" Prologue by Dave Filoni

I like this recording of the Dave Filoni Prologue to Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller because it discusses Lucasfilm’s stance on their Story Group and unifying the canon by through trusting the Force.

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