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be careful on my stairs

dont ya just hate it when youre decending the stairs in your gaff, and you slip on the 8th step from the top and break your knees



Tim Tebow to Organize 45 Proms for People with Special Needs.

Certain things come to mind when one thinks about a prom. Limo rides. Prom gowns. Corsages. Dancing. Tim Tebow.  Wait. Tim Tebow? 104 more words

The Going Ons

Updates on life

So it’s been a while since my last post!
Firstly I’d hate to sound like one of those people who constantly ask for likes and followers but I figured that I can’t post blog post constantly because of school so I made and Instagram page for the blog to make things easier so if you would like to follow me my Instagram user is @taralarablog I’ll be posting fashion, beauty and photography pictures there and mini updates. 203 more words

My Life

Getting The Eyebrows Perfect

Getting your eyebrows done may seem like a difficult task, in all honesty it’s not! I should know; I decided to get my eyebrows done the day before prom in the spring of 2014. 84 more words

Fashion Baby

top five prom outfits

*Notice* Just to let you know, I’ve added a poll widget to my right side bar. This is because I’d like to start posting what you, my lovely readers, want to see.  179 more words

Something Happy

Awesome Wedding Photo Ideas

They reminded me of the photos my friends and I took as we were heading off to senior prom.  Except we were dorkier. 55 more words

Pre-Prom Journal: A Dork's Take on a Night of Fancy Dresses, High Heels and Slow Dancing

For the longest time of my life (meaning 10 years & younger), my idea of the perfect night would be exactly what is written above: a night of fancy dresses, high heels & slow dancing – with the addition of a perfect dancing partner too. 582 more words

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