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The Three P's

Promiscuity, paranoia, and projection. These are the three P’s; they are traits found in the typical borderline and they are all connected, as you will soon see. 1,036 more words


Sex Vs. Intimacy

It seems that there are many conflicting opinions on the roles of sex and intimacy within a relationship (and out of one, too).

It is difficult to really get to the bottom of this problem because no two people have exactly the same ideas on sex. 164 more words

A Lustful Disposition

It is in our commercials and joked about on sitcoms and movies. We see it when someone flirts their way out of a ticket or to tries to get something they want by using “persuasion.” Some call it seduction. 489 more words

Christian Living

Bisexuality Doubles the Opportunity for Love, but Does it Also Double the Desire for Promiscuity?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Anna Paquin lately. Yes, True Blood is always on my mind nowadays, that’s a given. But I’ve been thinking about Anna Paquin specifically – or rather, I’ve been thinking about recent comments that she’s made. 1,622 more words


The Stories We Try to Kill

Sometimes the “stories that must not die” are the ones we wish would disappear.

As I get older and older, I realize that the stories that I try to hide aren’t the ones where I am the victim of abuse or injustice. 427 more words


My Saturday night with Marian | Dancing Queens & Kings

Yes, the city was still standing after Marian Green and I spent a Friday night together. Our adventure – where we shared spit and lip gloss – can be found at… 1,591 more words


Don't Be Promiscuous

Not from a source I’d normally share… but this is exceptionally good advice!