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Circular Reasoning in the Condemnation of a Promiscuous Lifestyle

People are promiscuous. We like cheap thrills. We like instant gratification with no strings attached. It’s easy to to be easy, and the world falls for it. 734 more words

Breakups- To Stay in Love Forever

Breakups are never a good sign for a soul- an ominous signal perhaps; from which moving on unscathed is impossible unless you are one of those promiscuous kinds for whom cheating and betrayal are child’s plays. 730 more words


Be Subtle

A subtle kiss with tender lips,

Basking in sweet ignorant bliss.

Now here we are, the root of your mouth and the tip of our tongues, 65 more words


Promiscuous Love

We were laying there, so ill and poor,

They’d never warmed you like I’d before.

You would whisper this so lax and rich

The smoothness of tone stirred so quick. 138 more words

A Mixture Of Poems

The Loose Definition of a SLUT!

No pun intended, but we are currently living in sexual evolving times. Casual sex is no longer taboo and the Scarlet A, stands more for ASS ASS ASS ASS! 850 more words


Being Single. Part-One.

Not for Everyone.’

In todays society it is almost a dirty word to say that you want to remain single, to not be in any relationship. 62 more words

5 Most Sexually Promiscuous Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

By Nadia Noir

When you think “promiscuous,” you might think of dirty Echo Park hipsters giving handlebar mustache “rides” or Hollywood party girls having one too many shots of Patron before waking up in some stranger’s bed, but you’d be totally wrong. 188 more words