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Sluts. Drugs. Unprotected sex.

I know these people. You have either enjoyed it before or you are still idolizing that kind of lifestyle.

Standing there in a crowd that you could hardly breathe. 215 more words

S is for SOUL

I never really had a first. It was always assumed I wasn’t a virgin. I never really had a first, it wasn’t rosy & I wasn’t in love. 905 more words


All women sleep around.

The title says it all. All women sleep around. That is an obvious fact. They all sleep around, they’re all the same. There are no women who don’t sleep around. 226 more words

Please have sex with me 2

Please have sex with me 2

Relented too Liansha mice are not under hand , if diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients have the opportunity , 1,584 more words


My "Number"

The other day i was having a conversation with a male friend I’ll call “Mark” who is currently serving in Kuwait. During this conversation the number of sexual partners came up, he asked what my “number” was. 506 more words

Circular Reasoning in the Condemnation of a Promiscuous Lifestyle

People are promiscuous. We like cheap thrills. We like instant gratification with no strings attached. It’s easy to to be easy, and the world falls for it. 734 more words

Breakups- To Stay in Love Forever

Breakups are never a good sign for a soul- an ominous signal perhaps; from which moving on unscathed is impossible unless you are one of those promiscuous kinds for whom cheating and betrayal are child’s plays. 730 more words