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How MY Sex Affects YOU

“Women are more influenced by the attitudes of their peer group in their decisions about sex” says Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist at Florida State University. 398 more words

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Eve's Daddy Issues Caused Billions Needless Suffering

RIGHT FIELD, Blissful Meadow (SP)

After an intense study of the Bible that included highly sensitive DNA testing, a group of renowned scientists recently confirmed what they suspected all along: Eve had “Daddy issues,” which resulted in The Fall. 388 more words


How to be a promiscuous woman in 2014

1. Treat sex like a business transaction. Be as clear as possible, follow a necessary procedure, risk manage, be courteous but firm, maximize gains but appeal to the other party, and once you’re done, follow up or move on. 267 more words

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Night-Owls Have More Sex Than Early Risers

Which is fantastic news for me, since I sometimes brink on real, clinical insomnia.

Ever heard of something called cortisol?  Don’t worry – I hadn’t either, until checking out this new study that just came out detailing how cortisol affects the human sexual drive and mentality.


Could Somebody Tell Me When...

When did we start weighing a person’s importance, based on their gender?

Was it before Cleopatra, or after?

When did we start dismissing people’s actions, or rationalizing them away, because of status? 181 more words


Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

What is a woman to do? I do not have a trust worthy friend on whom I can call upon whenever I get the urge to have sex. 61 more words