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Pray For Me

     Just a little thought (and request) on a Sunday morning. I hope that all is well in your little corner of the world and that you will read and enjoy the following. 290 more words

Jack Downing

Promised Land

(Written January 6)

This morning I awoke to the smell of pancakes and the sweet, sweet peace that comes along with waking up at noon on a snow day. 576 more words

Out Of The Wilderness-Shoshannah

  The  Secret Place

The wilderness experience is a time when you are hungry and thirsty for more of the Lord, you become dissatisfied with what the traditions and doctrines of men offer in the church, and you set out on a journey to seek the Lord and receive more of Him. 1,492 more words

Spending too much time in the wilderness will make you unhappy

Giving Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “in everything give thanks”; for everything in your life no matter how big or small give thanks! It’s very important to give thanks for the things that you have because only then can you be grateful. 716 more words

Praying down the walls

“March! 1-2-3…March! I’m the line leader!” my 5-year-old confidently proclaimed as she established her territory around the perimeter of our living room.  She held that leadership position for all of a minute before she was ousted by the elbows and shoves of her 3-year-old sister. 485 more words


Parallels to the Promise Land

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me the land and the vision. Thank you for allocating something that I am not worthy of possessing but because you love me and created a way.  396 more words

I'm Going Back To Jesus

     Well, guess who stopped by the other day, out of the blue and very well tanned? My old friend and mentor..  Reverend Jake. Yup, it had been quite a while since the Right Reverend had graced my humble abode with his presence, and when I asked him where he’d been for so long, he just smiled and said “Doin’ the work son, doin’ the work”. 467 more words

Jack Downing