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July 25th

The start of another 7 days. These two months are whizzing by. How will you tackle this? Will you think about it for a while or do the names drop into your head immediately? 103 more words


July 24th

What do you wish? Give this some thought before writing – you might start a new trend…..

Prompt 24

Money can’t buy happiness, but what is the one thing that would make your life easier if you bought it? 54 more words


July 23rd

Sometimes we do something every day. It is so much part of ourselves that we hardly notice anything about it. Is that the case with reading? 59 more words


July 22nd

Out of the mouths……

There is nothing better than listening or talking to children. Their view on life is so straightforward and honest.

Prompt 22… 55 more words


July 21st

Time to take stock!

Prompt 21

What didn’t you do this weekend that you think you ought to have done?

If you are blogging please link back to the prompt – journals – tweet, Flickr or Instagram with #summerjournal… 25 more words


July 20th

Hopefully today’s prompt will be an antidote for yesterday’s…..

Prompt 20

Do you have a favourite colour? Paint it on your page and write about it. 43 more words


July 19th

Did you have one? Should you have had one? Does your child have one? Opinions – good, bad, or ugly?

Prompt 19

School uniform! Still a tetchy subject! 48 more words