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Be Creative - September - Prompt 1

Welcome to September ‘Be Creative’ Month.

The first prompt! Grab a piece of A4 paper or your journal and make yourself a drink in a cup or mug – tea, coffee, something appropriate for your time of day. 151 more words


September 1st

Well, you have a month ‘off’! No prompts now until October. Some of you will be catching up – that’s fine – others taking some time off – that’s fine too – and some of you will be inspired to just write. 100 more words


August 31st

Two months of prompts! The time has passed so quickly! I’m amazed that so many of you have stayed the course – but no disgrace if you are trying to catch up. 108 more words


August 29th

It’s obvious really, but sometimes a white lie etc seems the obvious answer. Here’s today’s prompt.

Prompt 60

‘If you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember anything’ Mark Twain. 55 more words


Thimbleful Thursday Prompt

The idiom for the day is: Oil and Water

The wordcount goal is: 200 words


Write a microfic within 10% of the week’s wordcount to the week’s prompt (180-220 words). 21 more words



Day 2: Write a paragraph about a character named Slug. (Oh boy…)

Slug was a quiet little girl no more than 16. Her name was not really Slug because no parent would name their child that unless they hated them. 276 more words


August 28th

Does focussing on yourself seem selfish? Have you been programmed to consider others first? Is that a good thing?

Prompt 59

How good are you at ‘loving’ yourself’? 42 more words