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July 31st

The last day of the month! Have you managed to journal each day, I know that some of you are very busy, but did you know that it only takes 21 days to form a habit. 84 more words


July 30th

How far back into the past will you have to delve to answer this one?

Prompt 30

What was the most difficult thing you have ever learnt to do? 42 more words


July 29th

Another look at our surroundings. I wonder if your favourites are similar to mine…….?

Prompt 29

List 5 flowers that you love. Are they in your garden? 59 more words


July 28th

I thought we might stick with food for today’s prompt. This one, however, is a little more surreal.

Prompt 28

You always keep a well-stocked freezer. 79 more words


July 27th

Everyone starts the day in a different way. Do you eat breakfast or skip it as fast as you can?

Prompt 27

 What was your first meal of the day? 42 more words


July 26th

I’m looking forward to reading all the different answers to this one! From the sublime to the ridiculous – what is your response?

Prompt 26… 50 more words


July 25th

The start of another 7 days. These two months are whizzing by. How will you tackle this? Will you think about it for a while or do the names drop into your head immediately? 103 more words