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August 22nd

Sometimes the window of opportunity is very small.

Prompt 53

 It’s better to take a risk than miss the moment. Tell us about time that you grabbed it with both hands…… or maybe you didn’t………? 42 more words


August 21st

We all listen to different types of music. Can you get through the day without listening? Music can provoke many thoughts and feelings.

Prompt 52… 51 more words


August 20th

I came across this quote a while ago. It has haunted me ever since…….

Prompt 51

 “I am a person who works well under pressure. 65 more words


August 19th

This month is passing so quickly. I can’t believe that we have reached this milestone.

Prompt 50

Write about 5 meals you would love to enjoy again… 43 more words


August 18th

We can’t always guarantee hot summer weather here in the UK, but when we do…….

Prompt 49

What is your favourite way to cool down during a hot summer’s day? 42 more words


August 17th

Like it or loathe it – there are occasions when it has to be done, even if they are infrequent!

Prompt 48

There is nothing better than sleeping between freshly ironed sheets, but ironing is not a popular pastime! 46 more words


August 16th

Time to delve into your memory again.

Prompt 47

Remember your best friend at school? You may or may not know where she/he is now, but write her a postcard… 42 more words