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Time for another Friday Fictioneers! I’m not sure what I think of this one but I’ll share it anyway.


“Are you sure it didn’t start at one of the power outlets?” Ted pointed at an unplugged switch plate. 96 more words


Short Story: Fallen Angel

Original Text: http://karen-astrid.tumblr.com/post/81369649807/the-story-of-the-feather

Original Title: Story of the Feather

Okay, I like this story and couldn’t help but write it. It only took a day but it’s more of a short short rather than a short story. 1,534 more words

Creative Writing

Lady of Shalott

Sorry so late to the Friday Fictioneers game this week. A new semester and two new classes had me scrambling on this one. I’m still not all that happy with this piece but I was determined to come up with something. 182 more words


Storybook Corner: The Old Train

Matt climbed on the old, rusted train. “All aboard!” he shouted.

Sarah looked up at him from the overgrown grass beside the old tracks. “Seriously? You brought me all the way out here to show me a beat up, old train?” 150 more words


Storybook Corner Prompt - Jan 2015

Welcome to Storybook Corner, a monthly flash fiction prompt held on the 21st of each and every month. This post will give you this month’s prompt. 145 more words


"Write a story about waking up, and not having one of your senses."

Braaaaaaang. The sound of the alarm clock wakes me from my sleep with a start. I set it to something entirely obnoxious and loud because I’ve always had trouble waking up. 752 more words

Prompt Writing


Pegasus… you know the winged horse that sprang from the blood of Medusa, at least that is one of the birth variations. Pegasus is the pure white winged horse who carried the thunderbolts of Zeus. 145 more words