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Music Prompt Experiment: Girlie

I put ALL my music on shuffle (130GB) and decided to use the first songtitle I got as a prompt using lines from the song… 342 more words


Chopping Wood

The blade of the ax bit into the tree stump. The wood was shredded from many previous anger management sessions, but it still got the job done. 116 more words


Storybook Corner Prompt - July

Welcome to Storybook Corner, a monthly flash fiction prompt held on the 21st of each and every month. This post will give you this month’s prompt. 147 more words


Prompt: That Newspaper Man

When I was a little kid, there was a man living down the street that everybody used to call “The Newspaper Man”. I like to think that he was an old man, but fact is, he probably wasn´t that much older than my parents back then, maybe around 40. 1,357 more words


Goat Head

These guys originally appeared in the story Friends are Important. They wanted to come back for another. Who am I to turn them down? 194 more words


Prompt: Blackout

A couple of minutes ago, the world was light. I was sitting in the comfy chair in my living room, reading a book. Then suddenly it went dark. 735 more words


Prompt: Pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild.

I love my grandma. I loved my other grandma. I realise how lucky I am to have had not only one, but two loving grandmas. But I never met my great-grandma. 469 more words