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“What is this stuff?” Mary asked.

Victor knelt before the multicolored goop flowing down the hillside. “It moves like lava.”

“That’s not lava.”

“It looks to be biological.” Victor examined a small sample on the end of a twig. 154 more words


Single Mother

She stood on the crest of the hill; watched the children playing in the valley below near the long unused logging road. It’d been six years since she’d seen a truck traverse that old road; six years since John’s accident. 62 more words


The House on the Hill

When the plague first hit we were too stupid and oblivious to know it. We all thought it was the flu. We were wrong. We found that out when the infected started dying. 146 more words


free write 0.1

it’s not unusual, when so focus on one’s own writing project, to hit a wall. it’s these moment when writing just to write is very important. 438 more words

Free Write

Six on the Sixth: August

What Once Was bound (chair)

The rope broke. She was free.

The Junker (automobile)

A car without a key: worthless.

Cat and Mouse (duck)

Through hungry, clawing trees, she ran. 111 more words


Six on the Sixth Prompt - August

It’s that time of the month again! No not that time!

It’s time for some six word stories! Currently there isn’t a huge following, but hopefully as time passes more and more writers around the world will be contributing to this little exercise in creativity. 196 more words


Picture Prompt Experiment: Downtime

Another first for me. I randomly picked a picture and will make it a little scene.

“Can you make a fire?” Dill pointed to the little fireplace where the tea kettle sat, ready to use. 563 more words