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“You might have seen hell, but I've lived through it.”

Two young men sat at the bar of the Fried Oyster talking about their time in the service. They shared stories about their tours in foreign countries, the people they had killed, and the ones that tried to kill them. 940 more words

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"It's 2.24am. Somebody's walking down the street. Where are they going?"

The neon glow of Sam’s watch illuminated his face as he checked the time for the tenth time in the last fifteen minutes. 2:24 AM shown in the reflection of his eyes before his gaze darted back up to the road in front of him. 737 more words

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Not So Perfect Life

On the surface her life appeared perfect, but the veil of a neat and tidy existence was just for show. Behind the facade she was a mess. 78 more words


Finding the Right Writers Group

Writerly Rant #55

by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Freelance Writer.

I moved to a new town recently, about an hour away from where I was living. 935 more words


"This ain't no place for a hero."

Therapy Log 34b 24-12-34

I always tell the new recruits the same thing. “This ain’t no place for a hero.” Only a handful ever listen and I’ll be damned if the others don’t up and die. 1,325 more words

Prompt Writing

500 Words of Action - Writing Prompt

Sometimes, when I do writing prompts, I like to focus in on a skill I need to develop for a scene I’m writing in my novel. 502 more words

Your heart

has grown old.
worn down by the lonelinesses
of a hundred empty homes,
sunken in
like fingers
fallen too long asleep
in a hot bath. 113 more words